With the golf development between Britain and America so far, the golf clubs design turns out to be greatly different, due to their cultural differences. American Golf clubs emphasis on the beauty and artificial modification, while British golf clubs are respect for nature, tends to retain the original rough look.

When I was on school, I studied a lesson on the anthropology. Our teacher explained that sport could reflect different cultures. For example, the Europeans advocate freedom, hate being tied. So the sports originated in Europe, such as soccer and golf do not have strict time limits, restrictions, and the boundaries are also more relaxed. Like the English Premier League, soccer fieldS in different cities are with deviations in length and width. Golf club is the same case. In addition, the European game’s ruling is also relaxed. Even there’re pushed movements between both sides football players, only if they don’t affect the rhythm of competition, the referee will pretend not to see. There’s no referee in golf. All are depending on players personal integrity.

In contrast, sports originated in the United States, have much more stringent. Take basketball and American football for example, the event must be calculated every minute of the accuracy. Tenths of a second is the key to victory. In addition, the venue also painted over the line, like a basketball court 3-point line and free-throw line or a football field every 5 yards a sub-yard line. It does not allow the slightest deviation. The referees keep an eye on the players every second. Is it reflected that Americans do things more serious and persistent?

Anglo-American golf course differs because of their cultural differences. Therefore, durning the annual British Open, U.S. media have criticized the main cited British Open club from time to time, such as the total length is too short, mediocrity and lack of design changes, etc. It has attracted arguments between golf fans of the two countries.

I once prepared an interview with England golf club before, staying in a small town hotel. Guests from all over the world were coming to play golf. Every morning, when we had breakfast , our topic was focusing on

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