Golf cart mishaps can occur that may cause serious injuries. In compliance of rules and regulations lead people into this kind of accidents. Even if they are simple, these rules should be followed.

When driving a cart, always give way for the pedestrians. When driving on the sidewalks, this should be especially noted.

It is not safe to take more passengers than the seating capacity of the car. All people in the cart must be seated. Overloading must be avoided which may lead to the overturning of the cart. The travelers should not put their hands, legs and arms outside the cart when it’s moving. This may help to avoid the travelers from falling off and hitting trees or stones. Passengers must not stand in the cart while the vehicle is moving.

When the cart is occupied with people or animals, a speed of 10mph should be followed. When it’s empty, 15mph may be maintained.

Do not try to shift gears when cart is moving because instability occurs and may lead to an overturn. The speed must be decreased if there are inclines, pedestrians, other vehicles and poor weather conditions in the path.

A correct license is to be obtained before driving and traffic rules must be adhered to. Don’t drive in an intoxicated state. When entering the vehicle for the first time, check for warning labels and follow them. Golf carts should be driven just as driving a real car, and should not be underestimated.


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alls or gates should be watched out for in building areas. Areas reserved for parking golf cart should be used instead of those with paves. When stopped, control lever must be placed in park or neutral. The parking brake must be applied the key is to be removed.

Golf carts should not be fooled around with or driven in water. Children must never use them as toys.

The government must also view golf carts like other vehicles that bring danger or life loss the users or pedestrians. The laws must strictly be followed to ensure safety to the people. Cart users should be made aware of the danger of wild animals like elephants when golfing in areas prone for attack.

These rules are not tough and could easily be remembered by any cart user. Golf carts can be very dangerous if the rules are not followed.


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