Many will come and go but none of them will be able to dominate the green turf of golf like Tiger has done for years. Woods has never done injustice to his immense potential he is endowed with. His concentration and dedication to the game have been an inspiration for not only the golfers but for everybody who wishes to chase excellence. Both the professional and amateur golfers keep an unblinking watch on his every movement on the field. They dream to swing it like the king of golf.

Tiger Woods

Woods is very calm and quiet both on and off the field. His unassuming and modest façade adds to the oodles of charm and elegance that he exudes. He is aspiring and focused. None of his contemporary golfers has gained so much achievements but success has never turned his head. He is still a very down-to-earth guy.

Only ambition can not produce another Tiger. Woods has always been passionate about his game. After making rendezvous with golf at a very early stage (he was only two years’ old then), he never missed out on his daily practice routine. Being greatly devoted to this game, he took less time to master the techniques and went on polishing his skill day by day. His cool and restrained behavior helps him not to frustrate over his failure but inspires him to be more focused on his game.

With the passage of time, Tiger has learned to adapt. The techniques of Lanky Tiger are far different from the subtleties he has integrated into his game to make adjustment with his added weight. The great thing about Tiger Woods is that he is an indomitable personality. Whatever adversity comes on his way, he has the power to take up the challenge and overcome it with dignified grace. He believes in his power and never flinches in making the most of them.

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