The Golf Tournament at Abu Dhabi saw the much awaited return of Tiger Woods- the king of golf. It was rather a rare scene to see Woods with wealthier Sheikhs around. At least that is what the tournament at the prestigious Golf Club of Abu Dhabi demanded. Tiger was seen participating in a pre-tournament dance performance. It can be well said that the Golf king is trying hard to earn what he once conquered. Woods is trying his level best to attain patience that works like miracle for the game, which demands focus and desire to top the charts.

Tiger Woods looks afresh; he reveals a dignified and calm look.  The golfer feels that it works better when he tries to concentrate. As it is the game is all about how well you are able to focus and how great is your swing.  It is his way of joining the fragments of the past. Once again the champion golfer shows his mettle at the plush green course. Wood’s wonder trick seems quite simple; just to focus, focus and focus on what he loves doing- his famous swings.

Tiger Woods who started off as the king of golf is all set for stepping his foot for a winning spree. Losing the game is the least thought to have occupied his winning mind. Those who have managed to enjoy a victory against Woods at the Abu Dhabi, think that this would act like a milestone for their career. The PGA tour in August showed Woods hardly in a mood to play the game. Things have bettered as Tiger started participating at the PGA tours and soon was able to gain confidence post break.

Personally Woods feels that he needs to brush up his skills. There are still several tournaments on the go. Tiger Woods have had difficulties in his personal life, but now he earnestly wants to comeback like the Tiger of earlier days.

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