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Electric Golf Trolleys are really helpful to the players on the golf course. They reduce the effort of carrying the golf equipments and refreshments through the rough and hilly Golf course. They have enclosed trolley bags and facilities for holding clubs, trays, drinks, umbrella etc. Golf Trolleys are available in many types. Lightweight and heavy duty Golf carts are available. Some come with detachable battery and adjustable handle height. There are a lot of other modifications that can be done according to your comfort needs. Golf carts with the ability to freewheel are also available. This will enable the Golf trolley to be switched off when going down a slope. A lot of battery power can be saved in this way. If you use the trolley for a long time, it can run out of battery. Then you’ll need to push or pull the trolley wherever you go. If your trolley does not have freewheel mode, then you will have to carry it.

Golf trolley batteries are available in many power ratings.

There are 20AH, 28AH and 36 AH battery ratings where AH is ampere hours. 20 AH is the minimum rating. It can last hardly upto an 18 hole match, if the terrain is flat or little bit hilly. A 28AH battery can last little longer. It can last long enough for an 18 hole game, on a very hilly c

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If you want the trolley to last for a long time, especially for a 36 hole game, then you will need a 36AH battery. It can last really long. For this battery type the trolley should get fully drained and recharged again. If residual charge is present in the battery it cal lead to a phenomenon called memory effect. This can badly affect the performance of the battery and result in a short battery life cycle.

Always prefer battery that has a longer period of warranty. They can often be expensive but they are really good in quality. Low warranty period batteries are often of poor quality and are cheaper. But they won’t last long and you will need to go shopping for a new battery shortly. So consider this warranty factor while purchasing a battery.


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A Golf Cart is the perfect companion of a Golf Player. But some Golf Players may not be able to afford it due to their high price. Such players prefer a Golf trolley. It is a motorized trolley which operates on battery. It cannot be used as a vehicle but it can be used an as aid in transporting. It helps in carrying the various equipments of a player. It can help in transporting the Golf club, umbrella, refreshment, player’s bags etc. It avoids the need for carrying all these equipments by hand or on shoulders and thus eases the strain off the players. It is really a boon to the ‘not so rich’ category of Golf Players.

The game of Golf is not so easy. Even if we need not have to run around, we have to walk a lot of distance. On an average a game of golf last for 4 to 6 hours and by that time the player almost covers 5 to 6 miles in distance. This is the distance covered by the player to reach the ball between shots.

Walking this much can tire the player mentally as well as physically. So if the added burden of carrying the load with him can be frustrating. Thus the electric trolley can be so much useful.

Golf trolleys can save a lot of strain form your back, shoulders and legs. An average player bag can weigh upto 25-35 pounds. Carrying the bag on the

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shoulder can cause a lot of strain to the shoulder and back. It can also give added pressure to the legs. Thus using the trolley to transport the bag and clubs can be a lot of relief.

Golf trolleys also have the facility to carry refreshments. These are an inevitable part of a player. They need refreshment to re-energize their body. Some Golf trolleys provide refrigerated compartments to make the refreshments cool. It also has cup holder and space for holding an umbrella.

The batteries of the trolleys are rechargeable type. The three main types of battery rating are 20AH, 28AH and 36AH. Increasing the rating increases the lifetime of the battery.


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There are many useful features of the explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys that make it outstanding from other trolleys. The design of the wheels is very good for running the trolleys on the hilly courses. Wheels are very stable and work effectively for a longer period of time. The capacity of the batteries is very high and it is corrosion resistant. The battery can work efficiently in high as well as low temperatures. There are smoothed plate corners that are very helpful for minimizing the chances of short circuit.

The explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys has an advanced T shaped handle bar. Another advantageous feature of the explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys is that it has a remote control that follows the instructions given to it. It can perform variety of functions like moving backward, forward and can control speed as well. The trolley can be turned in any direction or can be stopped with the help of remote control instantly. The explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys have anodised aluminium frames that are very good for protecting the parts made up of aluminium. It makes the surface harder and reduces the weight as well.

There are separate control motors that supply power to the wheels thus making it possible to have a smoot

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h ride. The front wheel is manufactured in a way that it facilitates fast ride. The explorer 6 remote control golf trolleys have disguised antennas and the powers of the batteries are displayed on a screen. It can be folded and unfolded in a short duration of time. For additional permanence there is removable anti tip wheel and two heavy motors. An aluminium case is present to lower the noise and to protect the trolleys from collision. The maximum speed of the remote control golf trolleys is 3.72 mph and the maximum capacity of load is 20 kg. It has 25 degrees climbing capacity and the wheels are puncture proof. There is a bag retainer at the top that is very safe location to place the bag there.

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You have heard about golf trolleys. Are you unaware of the benefits of electric golf trolleys? The electric versions of these vehicles possess innumerable benefits.

Similarly purchase this equipment and you would be surprised by utilizing it on how much you are able to save your hard earned money. You could surely be healthier as when you walk around the golf course or along your streets and neighborhood burns the unwanted calories in your body. The calories and weight of your body are lost in an effective and safe manner and it helps in lowering your blood pressure thereby reducing risk of certain conditions that may adversely affect the heart. While walking in his you may feel fresh and tension free as it reduces your stress levels. Further another advantageous factor of this equipment is that it aids in lowering the risk of injuries in the lower back and spinal areas which is common while walking.

After using these trolleys during play golf it would become your indispensable partner that helps you play your favorite pastime more successfully and enthusiastically. You could easily carry your golf equipment through the golf course within considerably very less period of time. This aid in reaching your destined place within the prescribed time and you would be as fresh as you have started from home to pl

ment systems.  

Presently manufacturers are making trolleys which are easy to operate and handle, by adding some new features such as turn signals, headlights, and wind shield wipers, rear new mirrors and break lights etc. Self modification can also be done by changing motors, signal lights, batteries and panels etc. Such accessories can be easily found by surfing internet and by visiting different sports outlets. 

The prices of Electric Golf trolleys are very much expensive, but it will prove out to be a good investment for any of the regular golf player in the long run. Electric trolleys are blessing for old players either male or female, who find it so difficult to carry a bag on their backs and move around the golf course. Thanks to this electronic transport as it helps people to concentrate on the game only.

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