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You have idolized Tiger Woods- the king of Golf- to the ultimate. You have always wished becoming a pro like him at the game, every time, you held the club onto your hands. However, have you ever put much thought on learning a bit about the personality you admire most? Well, if you have not then, you can seldom claim yourself being a Tiger fan. After all, being an admirer of Woods certainly brings you to the edge of knowing all about him.   

For those, who would like to have

an up-close-and personal knowledge about Tiger Woods; here you go. Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods came into this world on the date December 30, 1975. An American golfer who plays at the professional level, Woods claimed the title of being the most successful golfer after clinching consecutive titles and achievements. Woods also became the highest-paid athlete at the professional level in the world. Tiger clinched a victory in 14 major professional golf championships, the second rank of any male golfer.

His triumph of victories was not restricted in the professional championships. Woods also claimed a win at 71 events of PGA Tour, ranking third in the league behind Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus. Tiger surely had an eventful golfing career with maximum victories in major championships and PGA Tour. Additionally, he has also claimed the title of being the youngest golfer to have achieved the Grand Slam and the fastest to claim a victory at 50 tournaments on a tour. Tiger Woods is also second in rank in the achievement list of career Grand Slam; he has on it three times. His achievements has made him the player of all times.


For all those dying to snatch a glimpse of golf star Tiger Woods can hold their breath once again, Woods is all set to participate in Honda Classic. The golfer has made the announcements earlier this month and is eyeing to create news for, which he is most famous. His love for the game is revealed more than a million times. Tiger’s repeated attempts is creating buzz across the globe. Yes, we are all set to see Tiger Woods making his first attempt at Palm Beach National PGA tour in Florida.

His recent announcement suggests the fact that it is going to add up to his busy schedule which has started with the onset of 2012. Woods also added that he is all set to deliver his amazing swings at the Accenture tournament to be played in Tucson. The WGC Cadillac Tournament is also on the cards for the golf legend just a week after the Honda Classic gets over. Wow this means he will be playing for three consecutive events. An exhilarated Tiger said his return to the game is making him stronger by the day as he is pretty confident to strengthening his credentials, this year. Woods believes that a victory awaits him soon in the forthcoming days.

Tiger Woods who has recently relocated to Palm Beach will be playing the Honda Championships on his home ground. The much awaited event is expected create a stir amongst spectators and lovers of golf because this one is surely going to be tough for players.

Tiger Woods is looking forward to continue his early-season game, as he committed to playing three approaching tournaments. Woods is about to compete in the Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship next week. This is due to be followed by The Honda Classic scheduled within March 1 to March 4. The WGC-Cadillac Championship scheduled March 8 to March 11 is next to follow. According to Woods, he is excited about the start and looks forward to continue with the pace.      

Tiger Woods tied at 15th in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am held last week and tied third in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship. He further added to his speech that he has achieved huge strides since last year and is hopeful about his hard work paying off a with a win shortly. Tiger Woods holds the title of being a winner three times at the Match Play Championship that is due to be played at the Golf Club of Ritz-Carlton in Marana, Arizona. Woods previously won the titles in 200, 2004, and 2008 and finished being a runner-up in 2000.

The Honda Classic that was scheduled at the Palm Beach Garden’s PGA National Resort & Spa Champion Course in Florida is relatively a new contest for Wood, who recently ventured to the region. Tiger Woods said that he has heard wonderful things about the Honda Classic and that now he lives here, he wants to play anytime possible. Woods, who will also play in the WGC-Cadillac Championship to be held at the TPC Blue Monster at Doral, Miami has won the event eight-time, having won the title recently in 2007.

The wish of becoming a professional golfer has increased greatly over the years. Well, the success secret of the game can certainly be attributed to Tiger Woods – one of the finest players of times. However, what is unknown to many people fond of the game is that Tiger did not always have a free entry at the grounds with his golf stick and worked hard to achieve the status. Therefore, it is certain that you too need to work hard to shine at the game and be a golf star with due credit.          

Principally, you must believe in your wish and aspiration and be out rightly positive about the career approach. This is necessary, because the game can often turn out be hard at times instigating you towards quitting the game. Additionally, you need to practice regularly maintaining a hard working and disciplined approach. It is also important that you understand the skills and strategies of the game well prior to venturing onto the grounds.

Establishing your name, as a champion in local tournament followed by all the hard work is just a matter of time. To make a big name in the game, you need to know that it is essential for you to be in the qualifying school for attaining better recognition at the game. It is essential for you to be placed in the 130th position or in higher ranks to be qualifying for the tour. Once, you qualify for the PGA Tour, becoming like your idol – Tiger Woods is just steps away.

The Golf Tournament at Abu Dhabi saw the much awaited return of Tiger Woods- the king of golf. It was rather a rare scene to see Woods with wealthier Sheikhs around. At least that is what the tournament at the prestigious Golf Club of Abu Dhabi demanded. Tiger was seen participating in a pre-tournament dance performance. It can be well said that the Golf king is trying hard to earn what he once conquered. Woods is trying his level best to attain patience that works like miracle for the game, which demands focus and desire to top the charts.

Tiger Woods looks afresh; he reveals a dignified and calm look.  The golfer feels that it works better when he tries to concentrate. As it is the game is all about how well you are able to focus and how great is your swing.  It is his way of joining the fragments of the past. Once again the champion golfer shows his mettle at the plush green course. Wood’s wonder trick seems quite simple; just to focus, focus and focus on what he loves doing- his famous swings.

Tiger Woods who started off as the king of golf is all set for stepping his foot for a winning spree. Losing the game is the least thought to have occupied his winning mind. Those who have managed to enjoy a victory against Woods at the Abu Dhabi, think that this would act like a milestone for their career. The PGA tour in August showed Woods hardly in a mood to play the game. Things have bettered as Tiger started participating at the PGA tours and soon was able to gain confidence post break.

Personally Woods feels that he needs to brush up his skills. There are still several tournaments on the go. Tiger Woods have had difficulties in his personal life, but now he earnestly wants to comeback like the Tiger of earlier days.

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