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Lee Westwood experienced completely discovered through the majors, he was really self-confident in name drought of British available held around the finish with the year.

No a single can go with the gamers Worksop, who has entered the best 3 of 5 occasions inside previous 7 races with the majors. Two many years ago, Lee – Westwood is really near to victory at Turnberry. He nearly features a playoff, and regrettably he three-putted the final hole. inside playoff Stewart Cink beat Tom Watson, the last victory.

No doubt, Lee Westwood’s has abundant experience. His 18-year’s career, which includes 7 occasions to represent with the European to show up at the Ryder Cup. But he admitted he discovered a beneficial lesson that day. “I remember exactly where I am accomplishing a specific thing wrong.” Lee Westwood said, “I distracted, I have targeted around the instant with the match the entire week.

however the final hole, I started to wish to acquire the game, I putt a poor ball via holes 8, 9 feet, but you discovered a lesson through the experience. Just tiny elements the fact that proper time to hold out the proper thing. only a really tiny tiny particulars will make you more than the line, I really feel I have to retain accomplishing a similar thing, do not do as well superb adjustments, just some little improvements can be close to for it.

“My report inside majors really well, I obtained 5 best

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3 more than the final 7 games, it is truly a marvelous record. I’m only a lack of the big championship, I really productive around the British available the previous two years, I wish this time I can in to the first. “

Lee Westwood completed next in St Andrews final year, in fact, his standing has long been pretty stable. This may be the purpose of he can climb the world’s very first final November. But now, Lee Westwood is fall at the rear of Luke Donald, the next place.

Last 7 majors, Lee Westwood’s lowest place may be the U.S. available final year, tied for 16th. Obviously, that’s not actually bad. In fact, final month, he won the 3rd in Congress. But that game, he watched McIlroy accomplished a very first victory who is more than his tiny 16-year-old. Lee Westwood do not wish to allow this sort of a failure impact their mood, he mentioned now pretty searching forward to his arrival ta property Grand Slam.

Since the U.S. Open, Lee Westwood has not attended any game. He invested some time to appropriate his swing. He gave up the French available on this week, he programs to occur back again on following week’s Scottish Open.

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Electric Golf Trolleys are really helpful to the players on the golf course. They reduce the effort of carrying the golf equipments and refreshments through the rough and hilly Golf course. They have enclosed trolley bags and facilities for holding clubs, trays, drinks, umbrella etc. Golf Trolleys are available in many types. Lightweight and heavy duty Golf carts are available. Some come with detachable battery and adjustable handle height. There are a lot of other modifications that can be done according to your comfort needs. Golf carts with the ability to freewheel are also available. This will enable the Golf trolley to be switched off when going down a slope. A lot of battery power can be saved in this way. If you use the trolley for a long time, it can run out of battery. Then you’ll need to push or pull the trolley wherever you go. If your trolley does not have freewheel mode, then you will have to carry it.

Golf trolley batteries are available in many power ratings.

There are 20AH, 28AH and 36 AH battery ratings where AH is ampere hours. 20 AH is the minimum rating. It can last hardly upto an 18 hole match, if the terrain is flat or little bit hilly. A 28AH battery can last little longer. It can last long enough for an 18 hole game, on a very hilly c

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If you want the trolley to last for a long time, especially for a 36 hole game, then you will need a 36AH battery. It can last really long. For this battery type the trolley should get fully drained and recharged again. If residual charge is present in the battery it cal lead to a phenomenon called memory effect. This can badly affect the performance of the battery and result in a short battery life cycle.

Always prefer battery that has a longer period of warranty. They can often be expensive but they are really good in quality. Low warranty period batteries are often of poor quality and are cheaper. But they won’t last long and you will need to go shopping for a new battery shortly. So consider this warranty factor while purchasing a battery.


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Golf cart mishaps can occur that may cause serious injuries. In compliance of rules and regulations lead people into this kind of accidents. Even if they are simple, these rules should be followed.

When driving a cart, always give way for the pedestrians. When driving on the sidewalks, this should be especially noted.

It is not safe to take more passengers than the seating capacity of the car. All people in the cart must be seated. Overloading must be avoided which may lead to the overturning of the cart. The travelers should not put their hands, legs and arms outside the cart when it’s moving. This may help to avoid the travelers from falling off and hitting trees or stones. Passengers must not stand in the cart while the vehicle is moving.

When the cart is occupied with people or animals, a speed of 10mph should be followed. When it’s empty, 15mph may be maintained.

Do not try to shift gears when cart is moving because instability occurs and may lead to an overturn. The speed must be decreased if there are inclines, pedestrians, other vehicles and poor weather conditions in the path.

A correct license is to be obtained before driving and traffic rules must be adhered to. Don’t drive in an intoxicated state. When entering the vehicle for the first time, check for warning labels and follow them. Golf carts should be driven just as driving a real car, and should not be underestimated.


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alls or gates should be watched out for in building areas. Areas reserved for parking golf cart should be used instead of those with paves. When stopped, control lever must be placed in park or neutral. The parking brake must be applied the key is to be removed.

Golf carts should not be fooled around with or driven in water. Children must never use them as toys.

The government must also view golf carts like other vehicles that bring danger or life loss the users or pedestrians. The laws must strictly be followed to ensure safety to the people. Cart users should be made aware of the danger of wild animals like elephants when golfing in areas prone for attack.

These rules are not tough and could easily be remembered by any cart user. Golf carts can be very dangerous if the rules are not followed.


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The main flaw with electric golf trolleys is the high possibility of a break down. These carts can work in any kind of environment, weather and terrain. They are very rugged machines that can handle rough use. But these carts are rarely cleaned and serviced! Many carts are left in damp places like car boot or cold garages, and they are rarely oiled and adjusted. The mud and dirt on it is almost never washed off them.

A company’s duration of Warranty coverage is a measure of the reliability and long lasting of the golf cart. They will have to pay for servicing the cart occasionally. But in performing Warranty service will increase their expense of repairing to a larger extent. So a golf cart with a long Warranty coverage should be of high quality to prevent repairs. These carts will not only be reliable, but also gives you a confidence that the repair expense is covered in case something goes wrong.

If some parts like the electronic controller or motor/gearbox is in trouble, you will have to pay about £100 to replace. So if this is covered, the saving can be great.

The Warranty terms and conditions should be checked carefully. There are some phrases like ‘Manufacturers Warranty’. These should be looked out for. In such cases, the cart must be submitted to the company for repair. Can you

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just take the trolley easily to the Far East? Another phrase to pay close attention is ‘return to base’ Warranties. This requires you to pay all charges to get the cart back for repair and this amount may be higher than repair charge! All reputable companies might have local workshops or they may collect and repair the cart under their expense. The small facts should be taken note of carefully!

For a golf trolley to be repaired, the main requirement is its spare parts. Firstly, the company’s website should be checked for the availability of the spares. There will be statements like ‘full stock of spare parts’ in the adverts. You should not accept them, because if you do, you will get a sudden surprise when you come to know that spares will be ‘out of stock’ just when the need arrives!


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Golf Carts are now very common all around the world. The ease of usability and low cost has boosted its demand a lot. It has made its way out of the Golf course to the outside world. Nowadays these vehicles are very common in our neighborhood, shopping malls, recreation centers, resorts, etc. Club Car is well known and one of the top sellers of Golf Carts. It is known for their durability and performance.

Here are some tips that will help you in troubleshooting your Cart.

1. First of all ensure that the key of the vehicle is properly inserted and gear position is correct. They key should be in the on position and the gear should be in the neutral position. Certain model of carts requires the parking brake to be applied while starting the vehicle.

2. The batteries of the Golf Cart are normally placed under the seat. Make sure that you have all the necessary protective gear before attempting to troubleshoot the battery.

Always wear protective gloves made of rubber and also safety goggles. Check whether the connections of the battery and its various terminals are secure. Use a wrench to tighten any loose connections.

3. Check whether the terminals of the battery are corroded. Due to the acidic nature of the battery, there are chances for it getting corroded. Remove the corroded particles from the terminal using a hard brush. Use any acid neutralizing solvent if necessary. Securely tighten the terminals connections after cleaning.

4. The water level in the battery is an important factor. The life and the performance of the battery depend upon the water level. Open the battery caps and make sure the battery plates are well immersed in the water. If you feel that the water level is too low, fill it with distilled water.

5. Finally check all the wires connecting the battery and the various electrical fittings inside and outside the Golf Cart. Any wrong or faulty connection can lead to major problems. Using a multimeter to check the connection continuity is a good method.

Leaving the lights and other battery powered features in the on state can lead to battery discharge. Fully draining of the battery is not good for its health.


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