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There are several men and women playing golf in athletic shoes and yes they might do ok in them, but there are so several disadvantages. One of the primary disadvantages is the lack of stability when swinging your golf clubs. You can shed your balance, you lack

the power to take a full swing and your swing will lack accuracy. It is encouraged that you get oneself a pair of golf shoes, but initial lets see the positive aspects.

Weather conditions

Playing golf in wet, windy, cold conditions can be hard and challenging on your feet if you are not wearing the appropriate footwear. Although it is largely hardcore golfers that play in these conditions. There are golf shoes available that will advantage you in virtually any weather situation. Most shoes are waterproof and will keep your feet warm from the cold. There is also a range of water-resistant shoes that are much more helpful for the summer time.

These shoes make it less complicated for your feet to breathe in hot circumstances, especially if you are walking the golf course.


Golf shoes have come a lengthy way in this division by integrating athletic shoe characteristics into their styles. This is excellent news for all the golfers that enjoy a very good stroll.


This is an additional area where golf shoes have come a long way. The shoes of the past followed saddle-oxford convention, full with hideous tassels. Fortunately those days are gone.

Numerous of today’s shoes mimic athletic styling to the point where there are identical. They come in a variety of types and styles that will aid you appear and really feel your best on the course.

Traction and stability

Without having traction you wont be capable to execute to your greatest capability. The plastic cleats at the bottom of the shoes aid you dig your feet into the ground for additional stability.

This alone will boost your game drastically. They help on slippery wet surfaces and without having a doubt are really crucial in taking a very good, precise, effective shot.

A single of the most crucial locations golf shoes come into play is in the bunkers. Golfers are not allowed to ground their club or take a practice shot in the sand and it can be difficult to maintain your balance on this ground. You can acquire stability by digging your shoes into the sand in a side to side motion. Then it really is just a matter of executing your shot.


You might want to do some buying around, but you will discover that you can get a decent pair for as little as $ 60. A very very good pair will set you back about $ 150 and the most high-priced shoes wont expense a lot much more than $ 400. You will most likely get a lot more for your income by buying on the web. Searching on the web is a good way to see the shoes that are obtainable on the market place as properly.

As you can see golf shoes are a key element of golf gear. There is a enormous range and numerous brands in the marketplace to decide on from.

At Comfortable Golf Shoes, we’re committed to helping you find the very best golf shoes on the market place by giving you a wide range to pick from.

We offer high-good quality, fashionable, waterproof, turf-gripping and, most of all, comfy golf shoes from the greatest brands in the organization, which includes FootJoy, Nike, ECCO and adidas.

Take a appear at the golf shoes we have on offer you.

If the records, researches and surveys done by different organizations and groups are believed, India has become the hub of spreading businesses. Now, globally renowned entrepreneurs and corporate houses are showing their interest in India to set up their business. High-rise and sky-touching buildings, a unique and corporate environment, a sense of international business environment, and a number of other reasons have been witnessing India a rapidly growing place to roam or do other activities.

Needless to say, it has become the centre of business where major brand names are showing better business opportunities. With the increasing number of business houses approaching India, a tremendous change can be noticed in different other sectors. Even the game and sport section is also not an exception of this. Talking about the innovation in gaming and sport segment, the globalization has changed it completely and its perfect evidence is the entry of golf in India.

Golf, as the name implies, is the game of elite class played in serene environment in beautiful and vast grounds that are called golf courses.

Today, there are a number of international level golf courses in India where you can play the best shots or see players playing the best strokes. Say in other words, now play golf in Indiais feasible and a reality for those golfers and golf enthusiasts who have thinking of India is not a spot for elite class games.

Golf courses equipped with all the world-class facilities, holes, an option of book tee time, etc, stand them in the line of world-class golf courses. Now, it has become a common phenomenon to see golfers and golf enthusiasts booking tee time to play golf in India.

These golf enthusiasts as well as golfers have attracted towards the vibrant and naturally rich 18-hole golf courts in different parts of India, especially in the cities like New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chandigarh and the list goes on.

Now, you also have a better opportunity to known about these golf courses as online golf portals like has come a long way where you can easily collect information about golf, golf news, golf kit and everything related to this game of elite class.

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Have you ever wanted to let somebody know you were thinking of him? I frequently do. Recently I looked at the weather of my home state, Minnesota, on the Weather Channel. They were having a raging blizzard with a forecast of high winds and sub-zero temperatures for the high temperature the following day. It was so bad in Minneapolis that the weight of the snow collapsed the roof of the professional football stadium.

Currently living in the Southeast, I was experiencing fairly temperate weather at the time. As a side note, I invite a group of the Midwest gents down in February every year for a week of golf. The below is a close example of the email that I sent to the group to let them know how badly I felt about their current plight and to also whet their appetites for the February event:

So there I was at my computer this afternoon putting a few touches on my various websites, listing most of them on another composite site, shaking my head in disgust at my personal website (and refusing to deal with it), and doing some really wicked things promoting all of this mess when I found my eyes had crossed.

I figured I could easily cure that malady with 12 ounces of elixir and some football.

Well, the 12 ounces went fine, but the football was lacking. Seems like the Minnesota Vikings stadium had some sort of mechanical problem, postponing the game. I glanced outside and witnessed a dearth of golfers on the course. This set the wheels in motion. There were three birds that I could knock off with one stone:

1. I figure that the golf season is almost at an end for those of you in the Midwest and if I could give you a play by play, you could vicariously play nine holes with me.

2. I could get my eyes uncrossed.

3. I could try out a new way to grip the club that I had recently read about.

On the flip side, it was frighteningly cold outside, just under 60 degrees. Additionally, the wind was howling at a horrendous pace of 25 MPH. Most of you don’t understand winds that strong. Trust me, you can barely stand upright. Good news was that the greens had about a tenth inch of rain from the morning so should hold my incoming darts.

Tossing all of the above in a hat, I drew out the answer: I would grab my bag and stroll nine holes. There was still an hour of sunlight left. I succeeded in surmounting the final obstacle – Pain. I mentally overcame the throbbing pain in my right wrist, tendonitis in right elbow, arthritis in right shoulder, chronic lower back pain, grinding in right knee and both questionable Achilles. I had fleeting second thoughts as I feebly tried to tie my shoes with these arthritic fingers.

Once on the course, all was well until I took the first swing. Turns out that I only remembered about 25% of the guidance about the new grip techniques and I was too thick headed to give up trying it throughout the nine holes. Secondly, I was overdressed. You know me. My uniform of choice

The first questions to ask is why do men choose to play golf in the first place, and why do women choose to play golf? From the research and feedback I have gathered, men choose to play golf because it is a challenge. Golf is a game men love to conquer. It is the endless quest for perfection, and they spend lots of blood, sweat, tears, and money trying to beat the invisible foe, “Old Man Par.”


Women, on the other hand play Ping K15 Irons for relationships; it is very personal. Women play golf to spend time with their husbands, friends, kids and clients. The experience of being with people they care about is important to them. Although women can enjoy competition, the main priority for playing golf is to have fun.

If they do not achieve this goal they will probably not stick with it.


Most women feel like they need to be excellent golfers before they can go out for a round. Being watched by others while you try to hit a tiny white ball can be pretty intimidating.

The good news is that knowing what to do and how to behave is more important than how well you play. Also, you should know how to choose you cheap golf clubs.


The basics of golf for women will tell you everything you need to know to let you step out on the course with confidence, regardless of your level of play. So you can: join your friends for that charity tournament they’ve been bugging you about;  be part of the next company outing to that super-dooper resort course;  finally go out for a round with your husband/partner and do more than just drive the cart!


For more information, TaylorMade golf clubs have more clubs made for women. If you are interested, you can check by yourself.

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More than once I’ve thought about playing at a particular course and then passed when remembering that it usually takes 5 hours there. Only a few years ago there were rangers on the course making sure everyone stuck to the 4 hour time limit.

Nowadays I don’t see rangers anywhere. Is that because golf courses figure they can’t afford it. If that’s the case, then I think they’re missing the bigger picture. With slow play they are apt to lose more in greens fees than they’d have to pay a ranger.

Slow play isn’t about crowded courses from what I see. I played 18 holes in a threesome recently and we played through three groups. The course wasn’t crowded by any means. There were vast expanses of open holes in front of each group.

They were taking in excess of 20 minutes per hole. In my definition that’s not golf. Do they enjoy taking that long? I just don’t get it.

It’s a game and it has to be fun or people will give up the sport. Waiting 3 or 4 minutes before taking every shot isn’t fun.

The slow play I’ve seen is not because of a physical handicap or beginners’ playing skills. Many golfers just don’t seem to know how to play a hole as a group. In one instance last week, two golfers in a cart came 100 yards backward for a shot after playing the farthest shot first.

My wife and I played behind two young men who looked to be in their early 20’s. We literally played a circle around them. We finished ahead of them and played 6 extra holes in between. I have no idea why they were taking so long. They were competent players, but they agonized over every stroke as if it was worth their pay check.

Male, female, young, old, beginner and 15 handicapper – it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Slow play cannot be attributed to any one group. Are golfers being effected by the slow play they see on the pro tours? Or are we, as a society, less concerned about others? A foursome can finish a round in under 4 hours without rushing a shot. It requires ‘ready golf’ and, except in tournaments, that should be the norm. With ‘ready golf’ you take your shot when you’re ready to play, not standing on ceremony that the player furthest from the hole goes first.

Part of slow play may be more golfers looking for lost balls. If you hit a lot of errant shots, don’t play Pro V1’s unless money means nothing. Is it just me, or does it seem that most new

courses are made as difficult – read long and tight – as possible. This doesn’t help slow play. I predict that course design logic will change in the coming years to save the game.

More modern designers should take a page out of the old Scottish designers’ books. You can make a course challenging and difficult without requiring a golfer to lose balls. A pot bunker is a wonderful hazard and though you may wish you couldn’t find your ball once it’s rolled in, it will be lying in plain sight. Well placed trees and shrubs are challenges that don’t usually eat balls.