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Is golf your passion? Do you love watching golf matches? Then, PGA Tour will be something of your interest, on which you would like to keep your eyes always to know the latest news and tour dates. Earlier, this was quite time consuming, because you need to go through the news to know about their activities, but now it has turned easier, because PGA Tour android app is there to inform you about all the latest golf facts.

Yes, once you have the PGA Tour android app uploaded in your mobile, you can know about all the tour dates, schedules and player score cards in details. This android app is really a great asset for the golfers or the golf lovers, who like to stay updated with golf tour activities.

This app has too many features, like:

News Highlights: All types of news related to golf will be featured frequently in your mobile with the news application that comes with this android app.

Know live scoring: Golf fans can view live scores, scorecards and leaderboard as well as course information of every PGA Tournaments.

Recent video Highlights: Using the app, golf fans can view video highlights of all tournaments.

Customized leaderboard: This app comes with superior search functionality, using which golf fans can track the progress of their favorite golfers in an easy way.

Course features: Its course section gives you total information about tournament courses.

Interesting enough, isn’t it? well, if you have not uploaded this PGA Tour app yet, go for uploading it now, because it servers your golf interest in a better way.


Are you aware of the best PGA Tour Player? Well, this particular question has come up as one of the mostly asked question of the season. The reason is simple, as this time the brilliancy of Tiger Woods is not ion the market to settle the question for once and for all. A debatable topic, most certainly, the question has been running the gaming sector widely. In the present age, the focus tends to be more on examining, which one among total victories or winning major is more meaningful.

The question about the credibility of a player regarding having one victory coupled with a major also tends to come up as a major question. Does the list of money holds anything significant or involves any meaning in deciding the credibility of a player? Additionally, do the play-offs of FedEx tend to involve any meaning or credibility in determining the worth of a player? However, the answers to these particular questions never tend to be uniform, as people often come up with varying opinions about distinct matters.

Well, to settle the matter of the naming the best player of the PGA tour, all factors are taken into consideration in the selection. However, the things to consider does not end with all these aspects, as there are much more to a player. The standings of each player determining the win and loss record of accomplishment is taken into consideration while determining the best player. Therefore, the win and loss record of the player is often incorporated into determining the worth and credibility of the player naming him the best in the season.

Playing at PGA tour is often the dream of many golfers around the world. Every one wishes to bag a chance of being a professional golfer. However, destiny only favors some in their pursuit of playing in the prestigious tour. Well, if you have been quite serious about obtaining a seat in the tour, you need to follow some basic steps in grabbing a tour card of the Professional Golfers Association tour.

You need to remember that any individual in the Nationwide Tour holds the chance of winning all the three events in a particular season. Any golfer obtaining the winning all the three events hold the chance of gaining a direct promotion to PGA tour.

A player finishing the Nationwide Tour in the lis<div style="display: n

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t of top 25 money earners also holds the chance of obtaining a card for the next PGA season.

Golfers can also consider attending the Q School or Qualifying School or, which includes four stages allowing the golfers prove their worth for being in the PGA tour. This particular game is organized during the fall season all around the United States. The golfers finishing in the top 25 list obtains an entry card for the PGA and players finishing within the top 50 list qualify for the Nationwide Tour.

Well, golfers wishing a seat at the PGA Tour need to remember that they must perform well to maintain their tour card. Golfers ending up being in the money list of 125 players get to obtain the exemption status for the coming year.


Becoming a professional golfer and earning the PGA Tour card is the dream of many golf lovers around the world enjoying a stint with the game. While many gets to achieve their dream, an increasing number of personal golf lovers fall short of the dream. Well, achieving the dream is not afar, provided some of the basic steps for gaining an entrance to the Professional Golf Association tour are followed ardently.     

Golfers are also open to attending Qualifying School or Q-School, which is involves a four-stage procedure allowing the golfers to prove their qualifications for being eligible for the PGA tour. This particular qua


lification tournament is usually held in the fall season and is hosted across the U.S.A. the final stage of the tournament includes a stroke play for 108 golf holes offering the top 25 finishers with the tour card to PGA.

Always remember that an individual playing the Nationwide Tour holds good chances of winning three events in a single season making him an immediate entrant to the PGA Tour. Additionally, the golfer also gets a release for the year that is following.

Any player playing the Nationwide Tour and finishing the season ranking in the list of top 25 moneymakers gets to earn a tour card for the PGA for the following season.

You must also remember that the golf lovers need to perform well continuously for sustaining their PGA tour card. Following obtaining the card, the players finishing on the Official Money List of top 125 players gets to receive an exemption from the year to follow.


Golf and PGA are the two keywords that have maintained an evergreen connection with each other for years. PGA or the Professional Golfers’ Association is considered the heart and soul of the game of golf. It was in the year 1901 when professionals like Harry Vardon, James Braid and Great Triumvirate of JH Taylor formed the Professional Golfers’ Association. The objective behind forming the organization was to excite and inspire golf professionals and promote the game as well. Today, PGA Tour is considered to be the greatest golfing platform under which golfers dream to enlist themselves as participants.

PGA Tour

Presently, Professional Golfers’ Association is located at the Belfry at Centenary House manning a total of 7000 members. The majority of them belong to the category of club professionals who excel in coaching and other aspects of the game. However, most have taken up managerial positions at diverse golf clubs and resorts at carious corners of the world.

The sole concentration of PGA is to train and serve all golf experts whose primary objective is to provide quality services to amateur golfers playing in a club. To maintain a top-notch standard, the PGA members are offered professional trainings so that they can be competent enough to encounter golfing legends at the fields. The PGA tour is in fact one of the most awaited sports events of the year and mostly established professionals make way to this grand event.

The PGA holds a partnership with the Ryder Cup. This gives plenty of golfers an opportunity to show their talents and thereby make way to the ladder of success. The PGA apart from promoting the game of golf enhances the members’ trade interests and helps them get employment in this field as well.