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Lamkin’s state-of-the-art technology sets the bar in the grip market. Since 1925, Lamkin has left an enduring footprint on golf-grip innovation.

In 2010, Lamkin Grips introduced the revolutionary 3GEN technology to its grip line, a huge material advancement. This synthetic rubber compound not only dampens vibration, it stays tacky in all playing conditions. Golf Digest gave both the N-DUR 3GEN grip and the Performance Plus 3GEN grip Hot List gold ratings. In 2011, Lamkin is offering now patent-pending 3GEN material in more grips, including Lamkins brand new R.E.L. grip (named after Robert E. Lamkin) and our E.B.L. putter series (named after Elver B. Lamkin.)

3GEN Material:

Lamkin Grip’s new proprietary 3GEN material – it’s a very unique synthetic rubber compound that’s both soft and tacky-provides unmatched “single-strike” vibration-dampening properties that protects a golfer’s hands and arm joints from jarring shockwaves. Used in other applications and industries, 3GEN mutes virtually all vibration and stinging of the hands at impact, providing an incredibly soft feel. The material maintains a high level of tackiness and can be easily wiped for a fresh feel and excellent traction. And unlike competitors’ soft polyurethane grips, 3GEN is a form of synthetic rubber that has very low torque – similar to that of a traditional rubber grip-and will not feel as if it’s sliding around the golf shafts at impact. That firmness lasts throughout the life of the grip. 3GEN also features a vastly improved resistance to environmental aging and weathering factors. The material will not absorb any moisture and its tackiness is activated by toweling off the grip or using a light abrasive brush. It continually performs better if it’s cleaned regularly.

Lamkin Golf Grips:


The revolutionary 3GEN proprietary synthetic rubber compound is paired with N-DURs traction-enhancing dual surface design to create the most advanced grip on the market today. The hexagon-patterned back panel promotes light tension and protects hands from twisting at impact while the front comfort panel reduces fatigue and promotes an ideal grip position to hit the ball longer with increased accuracy.

Performance Plus with 3GEN:

The latest revolution in golf components is here. 3GEN maximizes hand traction for a natural grip position. An enlarged grip profile works with 3GEN to improve overall comfort and stability. End result: Hands marry together in a unified grip and produce stronger swings with a higher swing speed, more accuracy and less hand tension.


Lamkins #1 selling golf grips. The pattern is recognizable. The performance is unmistakable. Crosslines proprietary rubber compound adds tack and durability while the distinctive pattern increases handtraction and reduces torque for the ultimateperformance grip. A favorite among touring professionals, the

USA Today reported that Tiger Woods video game set a franchise record for first-week sales on Wednesday of Electronic Arts. The previous’s new on our discount golf clubs, we talked about that Woods has corporated with Nike golf for a long time, and if you want to know more Wood’s information, you can check our article Tiger Woods accepted the interview in Shenzhen  published yesterday.

The golf simulation game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, sold about 225,000 copies in the first week of release, topping the prior franchise record holder, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

Do you know that Woods fired a five-under par 67 and briefly grabbed a share of the Masters lead on the front and back nines but settled for a share of fourth for the second year in a row, finishing 72 holes on 10-under 278.

The most important addition for this year’s edition would be that the game includes the historic Augusta National course, in which the

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Masters is played.

The brand new edition was launched March 29.

The record-setting debut is really a strong rebound from the 2010 version of the Tiger Woods video game. Amid news of his marital infidelity, sales of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 dropped 68 percent when compared to previous year.

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It is said that the game of golf was earlier played by a few number of people but it gradually increased to many and now it is turning itself to be the game of many people, almost as the game of the masses. There are various type of golf news being available from the print media to the electronic media and now the online medium is also a great source. From the players, the golf courses, dresses or golf kits and many more. It is a complete industry evolving around a single game and making various monetary contributions.

Suppose the players and you will find from the old and experienced to the new ones and the rising or prospective players of the future. From Tiger Woods to Jack Nicholson to the modern day Jeev Milkha Singh, you will find all the golf news. There playing styles and techniques and their future strategy of the game or of a particular tournament, you will find this all in the golf news.

There is both the hard copy version of print media with colorful photographs and also the online versions of this sporting news. Certain sites also offer direct links with the players, via the fan mail box.

The electronic entertainment medium of golf is also quite active in this sector and you will find the golf channel TCG. Their popular website also provides information about everything related with the golf world. It offers a plethora of information and feature’s related to other golf news. There are life

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style segments, video tours, equipments and many other things. Golf is very much a complete sport and it is closely related to tourism as well. Golf courses with their surrounding natural beauty attract large number of people and this could also be related to any new tournament also.

The game of golf is also closely related to the fashion or apparel industry and the sporting equipment. There are some prestigious golf tournaments which find great coverage in the golf news, like the Nationwide, PGA, Canadian or European Tours and the Champion tours. The golf related channels and websites carry on detailed information about these tournaments and even highlights some exclusive players. They also telecast expert comments and even make advice to the prospective future players. Expert players or retired players work as commentators and instructors to provide the most valuable information regarding the game. They are virtually employed by some professional agencies to give tips and even for designing any new golf course.

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Westwood and Foster – great working relationship.

According to his caddie Billy Foster, Lee Westwood is not worried about his lack of a Ping K15 Driver at this stage.



Speaking to Reuters, Foster believes it’s only a matter of time before Westwood breaks through and secures one of the big-four trophies.


“In four out of his last five majors he’s finished in the top three and all he’s got to do is keep doing more of what he is doing,” said Foster.


“Harry Houdini is not going to pitch up all the Ping K15 Driver like he did at the U.S. Masters this year. What Phil Mickelson did to him by birdying the eighth, 12th, 13th, 15th and 18th in the final round (to win) — that was unbelievable.


“People won’t keep doing that sort of thing to him in majors.

All Lee can do is keep putting himself in position and his time will come.”


“He always seems to bounce back after a couple of days, that’s the beauty of Lee. He’s very down to earth and level headed and he doesn’t let things bother him too much,” he added.


Foster, considered one of the best Ping K15 Driver around, has worked with the likes of Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia in the past. He says he and Westwood have a great working relationship, and that they always make sure to have a good time on the course, regardless of what may be going on at the time.


“It’s like working for your best mate. He is so relaxed out there,” said Foster.


“Certain golfers you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s all fairly intense and sometimes you can’t say what you want to say. But with Lee we have so much fun together.


“He doesn’t really take things out on me on the

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golf course, 99.9 percent of the time he’s pretty relaxed. Now and again you have to shut up for a minute or so but then we get back to having a bit of a Ping K15 Fairway Wood  and some banter.”


Foster and Westwood have only been working together for 18 months, and they’ve already enjoyed many highlights together.


One victory that the caddie still remembers well is the season-ending Dubai World Championship in 2009, where he said he needed to do a bit of bullying to get Westwood’s mind in the right place.


“It was the right time for me to say a few things to Lee, some of which I can’t repeat.


“He was starting to doubt himself to a certain degree and I tried to get the mindset back to where it was 10 or 12 years previously when he used to dominate European golf and other players would say, ‘Oh, no, there’s freaking Westwood on the leaderboard again’.


“I tried to explain he had won more tournaments on his own than the three guys who were chasing him (Martin Kaymer, Ross Fisher and Rory McIlroy) put together and it

Keeping in touch with the current affairs and breaking news across the globe has become a common phenomenon now, especially with the advent of smartphones and easily access to internet through various modes. Now, people of all ages and sexes prefer to get every news from the comfort of their home and anytime. For this, however, a beautiful and newly purchased Plasma television is the right option, but you cannot carry that anywhere.

Apart from this, you cannot sit all the time in front of TV. However, the latest mobile phones commonly referred to as smartphones have made it extremely simple to get every piece of news at your phone and anywhere. As far as the craze for breaking news and current affairs is concerned, people have different choices like some prefer to get the update news related to politics; while others prefer news from fashion, automobile, sports and other fields.

When it comes to breaking news from sports, you will find portals and other sources full of news from myriad of sport events, championships and tournaments, but you pay attention to those only in which you are interested.

In the same way, golf enthusiasts

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only look for latest golf news. They by far make every effort to know about the latest golf news using various sources like browsing internet at smartphones/laptops or using other modes. However, online portals like are the right way of getting latest golf news easily and without making extra efforts.

Leading golf portals involved in providing latest golf newsare also a one stop solution for all golf related queries.

Here, you can book tee time in your preferred gold course or get the detailed information about the best golf courses anywhere. These leading portals also have expanded their services to great level as you can also book tickets of the coming events of golf with some added features. Apart from this, for doing shopping of golf kit and other related things, you need not go anywhere. All you need to do is simply make use of a few clicks at a selected portal like 4moles and rest of the process is completed automatically.

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