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IRVING, Texas – to celebrate the 2010 football for half a century cowboy, to revisit the entire journey, from the numerous upstart to the most valuable, relevant professional sports franchise.

From February to July, we will review in detail each season, I think of people, games, drama and moments that contributed to the legend of the U.S. team.

Today we continue the story of the 1973 season:

Injured, Rogers did not play Bach as most of the 1972 season, but still reached the NFC Championship game, Cowboys star quarterback back to 1973, full-time responsibility. Cowboys finished 10-4 in the same record, but the NFC East crown this level is not high enough, they earn a rotation system in place throughout the year before the 1975 playoffs Homefield advantage.

December 30 ,12-2, Fran Tarkenton led the Minnesota Vikings proved that they are the best NFC team, regardless of location, accounted for 27-10 denim line.

After breaking through the 1971 Super Bowl, once again found his jeans down the cliff to reach championship, but short.

Story: With Staubach came back a new criminal capacity, while nearly five points per game more than it is in 1972, to close at 27.3 points per game second in the NFL. Calvin Hill broke his own team in the regular season and one thousand one hundred forty-two yards rush to record, and mainly the high efficiency of the cowboy and the ground control the game by combining the most opponents. They outrushed 947 yards from the margin of a season opponents.

Most Valuable Player: Staubach there was healing in his off-season shoulder injury, his best years. He accounted for 26 touchdowns in 15 blocking, throwing two thousand four hundred twenty-eight yards and quarterback rating was 94.6, tops in the league.

Greatest triumph: the East in the NFC championship game trailing Washington Redskins 27-7 Cowboys released a win of the season to the next to last game, more than district tiebreakers command example. Beat St. Louis next week, the cowboy guarantee their two home playoff games, the Los Angeles Rams won the first 27-16.

The hardest loss: despite his brilliant season, Staubach does not work for any loss in the NFC Championship game in Texas Stadium, the Minnesota Magic. He threw a four interception 89 yards, including a Bao Bike landing than the fourth quarter to extend the lead Minnesota back to 14 points back. And Hill were injured, the offensive stalled, the cowboy ‘just landed on a punt return of gold to Richards.

Achievement: A New Orleans 40-3 win September 24, Cowboys and Tom Imran in Delhi to 100 regular season victory. Landry will be another 15 seasons coaching the club, he and the club to end their partnership with 250 wins, third in the league is still the most time in history. Jimmy Johnson has become the Cowboys head coach in the

It is said that the game of golf was earlier played by a few number of people but it gradually increased to many and now it is turning itself to be the game of many people, almost as the game of the masses. There are various type of golf news being available from the print media to the electronic media and now the online medium is also a great source. From the players, the golf courses, dresses or golf kits and many more. It is a complete industry evolving around a single game and making various monetary contributions.

Suppose the players and you will find from the old and experienced to the new ones and the rising or prospective players of the future. From Tiger Woods to Jack Nicholson to the modern day Jeev Milkha Singh, you will find all the golf news. There playing styles and techniques and their future strategy of the game or of a particular tournament, you will find this all in the golf news.

There is both the hard copy version of print media with colorful photographs and also the online versions of this sporting news. Certain sites also offer direct links with the players, via the fan mail box.

The electronic entertainment medium of golf is also quite active in this sector and you will find the golf channel TCG. Their popular website also provides information about everything related with the golf world. It offers a plethora of information and feature’s related to other golf news. There are life

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style segments, video tours, equipments and many other things. Golf is very much a complete sport and it is closely related to tourism as well. Golf courses with their surrounding natural beauty attract large number of people and this could also be related to any new tournament also.

The game of golf is also closely related to the fashion or apparel industry and the sporting equipment. There are some prestigious golf tournaments which find great coverage in the golf news, like the Nationwide, PGA, Canadian or European Tours and the Champion tours. The golf related channels and websites carry on detailed information about these tournaments and even highlights some exclusive players. They also telecast expert comments and even make advice to the prospective future players. Expert players or retired players work as commentators and instructors to provide the most valuable information regarding the game. They are virtually employed by some professional agencies to give tips and even for designing any new golf course.

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Every game has its own importance in them people (gaming enthusiasts and players) want to sink to the bottom. Even, they don’t like to leave the updates of a single shot. Golf for instance is also one such rising game that has gained momentum in India within a very short span of time. Now, golf enthusiasts and rising golfers in India also want to have latest news of golf at their doorstep and everywhere thy want.

Simply put, today, it has become a common phenomenon to have the breaking golf news either on the laptop through internet connection or iPhone (mobile phones as well). Golf enthusiasts now not only in the Australia, Africa, America, European continents, but also in Asia prefer to have every latest golf news within their reach and within a few simple clicks. The reason is simple; they want to keep them updated with every minute detail, with best shots, profiles of golfers and even what is happening in their personal life.

Say for instance, what is happening in the personal like of world renowned golfer Tiger Woods is not just limited to America, but have expanded to all the major countries where golf is played ei

ther for the competition or for recreational purpose? On the other hand golf news that include the coming championships, tournaments, etc., are also very much in demand.

As far as the latest and online golf news is concerned, leading portals have come up with the concept of news as well as a wide spectrum of golf related news.

Among a number of leading portals, 4Moles is also one such portal that not only provide you with the updated news, but also a whole gamut of services say like book tee time, create new profiles, new golf community, upload photos, go through the profiles and the list goes on. Such portals are a one stop solution for golf enthusiasts who want to get every minute update from the comfort of their home even without waste the time. Even one can also enjoy online golf shopping through such leading portals. Needless to say, these portals have become the pivotal place for golf enthusiasts as well as golfers who want to keep in touch with the top golfers of the world.



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