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Charl Schwartzel seldom had the sensation during the earlier years of play; however, somehow he knew that he was sure to win previous year’s Masters prior to moving onto the finishing round. The South African golfer was just four strokes away the pace at Augusta National following 54 holes and moved on to seal his first great win via two shots with an amazing finish. 

Schwartzel, amid his preparation for WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship scheduled this week told the reporters Dove Mountain’s Ritz-Carlton Golf Club that he woke up in the morning and felt that he was going to win. He further added that he maintained complete composure about the feeling and it was definitely the good part of it all. He said, it is certain to good to believe that you would win today, but in case, you get nervous then, things might fall apart.

Schwartzel opened his finishing round featuring a 6-under 66 par, the minimum score of the game that day, as he moved on to become the third golfer from South Africa to clinch a victory at the the Master’s. He said that at Augusta he had been playing well consistently, but never received the birdie run prior to the final round where you get to make birdies to upgrade your score. Incidentally, Charl Schwartzel is a seven-time winner at the European tour.

He further added to his statements that he felt he was playing beautifully and was in complete control of the game; a feeling that you do not get to experience often. He added that he often had a hint of such feeling, but never so specifically.

Golf is surely a game of tough men and what makes it tougher is the usage of clubs. Yes, a golfer plays his best strokes using a strong club and his playing tactics. Therefore, the clubs must be strong, powerful and appropriate to play with. However, a new driver of 4 feet height is the latest sensation among the golfers and currently, it is stealing the headlines of the Golf News.              

The two new drivers have been introduced to the market within few days  and has 48 inches of shaft length and 3 inches longer than the normal-length driver. These drivers are built to help the golfers play long distance shots in an easier way.

These two drivers measure 4 feet, exactly the highest length allowed by the USGA for the club putters. Among these two, one is the limited-edition release and it is coming straight from the floor of the factory. It has a silver head, which is unpainted and unfinished and has no cosmetic treatments. On the other hand, the other one is painted with black color.

Both of the sticks feature a strong and light black Grafalloy Blackbird shaft along with a club head, which is made up of a new titanium alloy, which is stronger than the materials used in earlier Cobra drivers. However, the limited edition one has a Lamkin prototype Grip whereas, the other one has a Winn Ultra Shorty/Light grip.

The limited edition driver has a weight of 275 grams and the other one has 6 grams less. Both the sticks are light in weight, however enough sturdy to deliver the golf ball to the court with a brilliant speed.

Well, new drivers definitely add new enthusiasm among the golfers and it is expected that in the near future golf news will be over loaded with more new golf drivers and the golfers will get to play their best matches using the best sticks to create new golf histories.

It might come as a surprise to you, but the recently concluding the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am is quite in news and for explicit reasons. The tournament in the headlines of Golf news in each sports channel is stating the ultimate surprise of the tournament and that is Phil Mickelson being the winner over Tiger Woods. Woods though had put up a tough fight, yet was unable to clinch the win over Phil who stole the show at the finals in the tournament.        

Phil knowing that he was having a close winning chance at the game broke through the massive win at the National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach on Sunday. Phil Mickelson turned out be the eventual winner at the tournament being in the Golf news for all winning reasons. His win being massive and over the Tiger Woods was the next aspect that brought him in the news and in the Golf headlines recently. His win was lead from the shortfall of six shots towards two-shot that landed in six holes closing with eight-under 64 clinching a victory of two shots.

Following this, Mickelson and Tiger Woods faced each other playing in the group, which ended in Mickelson winning the game by 11shots. Phil Mickelson was in the Golf News for many other Golf reasons. He claimed his fourth win at the Pebble Beach and became the ninth player in the PGA tour claiming a history with 40 wins. Mickelson is said to have played safe at the tournament to clinch his massive victory against Tiger Woods at the game.

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The federal Government ensures that owners of commercial buildings installing greener solutions can wholly access advantages of tax credits. This is simply because these roofing solutions ensure that you avail a reduction in energy costs. However, it is not feasible for the roofer to estimate on how much he would save by installing eco-friendly roofing solutions.

South Africa’s golfing champion, Branden Grace is getting set for the 2012 Golf season. People are desperately under the belief that this time, it is going to be him. With the onset of the popular golf season patrons have started breathing deep, hoping the year would reap in leaps and bounds. As per the recent golf news, the Champions tournament at Fancourt saw Grace being crowned the champion for the day. Can you believe this; Grace a graduate has beaten names like Retief Goosen and Ernie Els just after seven days of winning a previous title?

Not long ago, it was Tiger Woods, enjoying a winning spree. Now, it is this South African golfer enthralling the world with his magical swings. Replacing Wood’s records seems a tedious task for anyone in the golf family. However, Grace is showing traits of the good golfer ever since he came into the scene. The European tour in Abu Dhabi is setting anxious hearts on fire. A sensational event awaits the senses of the crowd gathering for the tournament.

The tournament has Woods playing against lead contenders. The famous four of contemporary golf, Lee Westwood, Luke Donald, Martin Kaymer and Rory McIlroy are about to meet Woods during the tournament as a lead contestant. The entire event, which is to be shifted to a new location in the next year, has overwhelmed supporters. Kaymer who has already won the title, thrice is a part of this year’s game. A conglomeration of golf stars awaits the audience. The promising tournament is about to see the rigid tussle between Woods and the current champions of the game. Sergio Garcia is yet to join the bandwagon of champions in the European Tournament at Abu Dhabi. Garcia is all set to embark on the 13th season. So, here is what we have in golf news for lovers of the game.