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One of the most popular and highly efficient golf cart, EZ-GO Electric Golf Carts are highly regarded for the quite operation, pollution-free drive and elegant appeal. If you are looking for some of the most widely used golf cart to purchase, then EZ-GO Electric Golf Carts would be the best option.

While providing noise-free driving, these carts are manufactured with high durability and reliability. Due to its quite operating engine, it is being used outside the course too as they can run around the neighborhood without causing any disturbance. They are usually designed to go slow in the course. But, you need your cart to drive across those rough terrains and steep landscapes with is. That means, your cart should be having enough speed to drive across those hard surfaces. If your cart is not delivering the performance that it had when you bought it, the reason may be many like the unclean engine, damaged engine parts etc.

So, you are required to check your vehicle’s engine regularly for any repair or replacement. Here are some of the essential things that you need to do to speed up your EZ-GO Electric Cart so that it can ride faster across the green in much time.

The most important factor for the reduced performance of any cart is the condition of the engine. With the help of some hot and soapy water, clea

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n the engine with a rag thoroughly. By cleaning the engine on a regular interval, you can retain the natural performance for long. Always removed any dust or dirt clogged up in the engine. Next important thing is examining the condition of the engine parts of your cart. You should repair any worn or damaged engine part using standard tools for replacement or with the help of an authorized mechanic. If you are not satisfied with the speed of your cart, you can upgrade it with a new high performance motor available in the market. You can also improve the speed of your cart by replacing the chip of your cart with a freedom chip. Changing the gear ration can also make a difference in the speed of the cart.


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Electric Golf Trolleys are really helpful to the players on the golf course. They reduce the effort of carrying the golf equipments and refreshments through the rough and hilly Golf course. They have enclosed trolley bags and facilities for holding clubs, trays, drinks, umbrella etc. Golf Trolleys are available in many types. Lightweight and heavy duty Golf carts are available. Some come with detachable battery and adjustable handle height. There are a lot of other modifications that can be done according to your comfort needs. Golf carts with the ability to freewheel are also available. This will enable the Golf trolley to be switched off when going down a slope. A lot of battery power can be saved in this way. If you use the trolley for a long time, it can run out of battery. Then you’ll need to push or pull the trolley wherever you go. If your trolley does not have freewheel mode, then you will have to carry it.

Golf trolley batteries are available in many power ratings.

There are 20AH, 28AH and 36 AH battery ratings where AH is ampere hours. 20 AH is the minimum rating. It can last hardly upto an 18 hole match, if the terrain is flat or little bit hilly. A 28AH battery can last little longer. It can last long enough for an 18 hole game, on a very hilly c

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If you want the trolley to last for a long time, especially for a 36 hole game, then you will need a 36AH battery. It can last really long. For this battery type the trolley should get fully drained and recharged again. If residual charge is present in the battery it cal lead to a phenomenon called memory effect. This can badly affect the performance of the battery and result in a short battery life cycle.

Always prefer battery that has a longer period of warranty. They can often be expensive but they are really good in quality. Low warranty period batteries are often of poor quality and are cheaper. But they won’t last long and you will need to go shopping for a new battery shortly. So consider this warranty factor while purchasing a battery.


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The main flaw with electric golf trolleys is the high possibility of a break down. These carts can work in any kind of environment, weather and terrain. They are very rugged machines that can handle rough use. But these carts are rarely cleaned and serviced! Many carts are left in damp places like car boot or cold garages, and they are rarely oiled and adjusted. The mud and dirt on it is almost never washed off them.

A company’s duration of Warranty coverage is a measure of the reliability and long lasting of the golf cart. They will have to pay for servicing the cart occasionally. But in performing Warranty service will increase their expense of repairing to a larger extent. So a golf cart with a long Warranty coverage should be of high quality to prevent repairs. These carts will not only be reliable, but also gives you a confidence that the repair expense is covered in case something goes wrong.

If some parts like the electronic controller or motor/gearbox is in trouble, you will have to pay about £100 to replace. So if this is covered, the saving can be great.

The Warranty terms and conditions should be checked carefully. There are some phrases like ‘Manufacturers Warranty’. These should be looked out for. In such cases, the cart must be submitted to the company for repair. Can you

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just take the trolley easily to the Far East? Another phrase to pay close attention is ‘return to base’ Warranties. This requires you to pay all charges to get the cart back for repair and this amount may be higher than repair charge! All reputable companies might have local workshops or they may collect and repair the cart under their expense. The small facts should be taken note of carefully!

For a golf trolley to be repaired, the main requirement is its spare parts. Firstly, the company’s website should be checked for the availability of the spares. There will be statements like ‘full stock of spare parts’ in the adverts. You should not accept them, because if you do, you will get a sudden surprise when you come to know that spares will be ‘out of stock’ just when the need arrives!


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An Electric Golf Trolley can really be a boon to Golf Players. It is owned by players who do not want to spend much on a Golf cart. Golf Trolleys are very much cheaper than carts and do almost all the functions of the cart, except transporting the player. The trolleys can be manual, remote controlled or battery operated. They help in carrying the heavy bags and equipments of the player. This will help to relieve a lot of strain from the player.

Golf trolleys runs on battery and hence proper maintenance is required for keeping them in a good condition. Here we will discuss on some of the maintenance techniques required to keep the trolley in good condition.

Electric Golf trolleys run on the charge preserved in the battery. So the primary or the most important part of the trolley is its battery. Special purpose rechargeable batteries are used by this trolley.

24 hours of complete charging is needed by a freshly purchased battery. After that charge the battery for the optimum time as prescribed in the manufacturer’s manual. Never over charge the battery, as it can reduce the battery life cycle. Remove the plug as soon as the charging is complete which is denoted by indication lights.

If you are planning to go on a trip and not using the trolley for a long time

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, then the battery should be removed from the trolley and stored safely. Make sure to charge the battery fully before removing it from the trolley. Store the battery in a place where the temperature is neither too cool nor too hot. The optimum temperature for storing battery is between 10 degrees and 30 degree Celsius. Once in three months the battery needs to be charged in order to preserve it in the working condition.

Regular cleaning of the trolley parts is also necessary. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust from accumulating at the various parts of the trolley. Wipe off the mud and dirt from the wheels and keep it clean. Use a clean cloth to cover the trolley.


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A Golf Cart is the perfect companion of a Golf Player. But some Golf Players may not be able to afford it due to their high price. Such players prefer a Golf trolley. It is a motorized trolley which operates on battery. It cannot be used as a vehicle but it can be used an as aid in transporting. It helps in carrying the various equipments of a player. It can help in transporting the Golf club, umbrella, refreshment, player’s bags etc. It avoids the need for carrying all these equipments by hand or on shoulders and thus eases the strain off the players. It is really a boon to the ‘not so rich’ category of Golf Players.

The game of Golf is not so easy. Even if we need not have to run around, we have to walk a lot of distance. On an average a game of golf last for 4 to 6 hours and by that time the player almost covers 5 to 6 miles in distance. This is the distance covered by the player to reach the ball between shots.

Walking this much can tire the player mentally as well as physically. So if the added burden of carrying the load with him can be frustrating. Thus the electric trolley can be so much useful.

Golf trolleys can save a lot of strain form your back, shoulders and legs. An average player bag can weigh upto 25-35 pounds. Carrying the bag on the

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shoulder can cause a lot of strain to the shoulder and back. It can also give added pressure to the legs. Thus using the trolley to transport the bag and clubs can be a lot of relief.

Golf trolleys also have the facility to carry refreshments. These are an inevitable part of a player. They need refreshment to re-energize their body. Some Golf trolleys provide refrigerated compartments to make the refreshments cool. It also has cup holder and space for holding an umbrella.

The batteries of the trolleys are rechargeable type. The three main types of battery rating are 20AH, 28AH and 36AH. Increasing the rating increases the lifetime of the battery.


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