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Electric Golf Trolleys are really helpful to the players on the golf course. They reduce the effort of carrying the golf equipments and refreshments through the rough and hilly Golf course. They have enclosed trolley bags and facilities for holding clubs, trays, drinks, umbrella etc. Golf Trolleys are available in many types. Lightweight and heavy duty Golf carts are available. Some come with detachable battery and adjustable handle height. There are a lot of other modifications that can be done according to your comfort needs. Golf carts with the ability to freewheel are also available. This will enable the Golf trolley to be switched off when going down a slope. A lot of battery power can be saved in this way. If you use the trolley for a long time, it can run out of battery. Then you’ll need to push or pull the trolley wherever you go. If your trolley does not have freewheel mode, then you will have to carry it.

Golf trolley batteries are available in many power ratings.

There are 20AH, 28AH and 36 AH battery ratings where AH is ampere hours. 20 AH is the minimum rating. It can last hardly upto an 18 hole match, if the terrain is flat or little bit hilly. A 28AH battery can last little longer. It can last long enough for an 18 hole game, on a very hilly c

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If you want the trolley to last for a long time, especially for a 36 hole game, then you will need a 36AH battery. It can last really long. For this battery type the trolley should get fully drained and recharged again. If residual charge is present in the battery it cal lead to a phenomenon called memory effect. This can badly affect the performance of the battery and result in a short battery life cycle.

Always prefer battery that has a longer period of warranty. They can often be expensive but they are really good in quality. Low warranty period batteries are often of poor quality and are cheaper. But they won’t last long and you will need to go shopping for a new battery shortly. So consider this warranty factor while purchasing a battery.


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Basically the function of a Golf Cart is to commute the Golf Players inside the Golf course. But now it has totally changed. They are now used in shopping malls, farms, resorts, industries etc. Club Car is one of the top selling brands. They are known for its efficiency and reliability. They are very easy to be driven around and so are well preferred from age groups varying from teenagers to adults. But it is necessary for these people to mix minor troubles can are prone to occur. One of them is to troubleshoot a battery. It is quite easy and the steps are given below.


Distilled water
Baking Soda
Clean cloth

1. First of all charge the batteries fully. Most of the people forget this step and problems could occur due to this negligence. So connect the charging plug of the Golf Cart to a supply terminal and unplug it after charging it fully.

2. The position of the gear and key switch are important when turning ON of the cart is concerned. The key should be properly set to the ON position. In most of the carts the gear should be in neutral position in order to start the cart. The gear position for starting the vehicle will be prescribed in the instructions manual. Do accordingly.

3. In some cases

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you might need to analyze the battery. In most cart models the battery is placed in a compartment below the seats. Check whether all the connections to the battery are secure and tight. In case you find any loose connection, tight them using the wrench.

4. The water level inside the battery is a must check step. The battery plates should be well immersed in the water for proper charging of the battery. If you find the water level too low, then refill using distilled water.

5. Finally inspect whether all the electric connections to the various fittings are correct. Troubles can occur due to cuts and breaks in electrical wiring. Replace damaged wires with new ones of the same rating.


In case of any major issues contact a qualified mechanic.

Always wear protective gloves and goggles before starting the test.

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Electric Golf Carts run on electric charges stored inside the batteries. Special purpose deep cycle rechargeable batteries are used in these carts. Proper maintenance is required to obtain maximum battery life cycle and performance. Lack of service and maintenance can lead to poor performance and eventually to its death.

Proper knowledge about the battery is required while selecting a battery and also for its maintenance. Most of the cart owners feel that these batteries do not need any type of maintenance. But this concept is wrong. A proper well scheduled maintenance of the battery is the key to maximize its life and performance.

Distilled water 
Petroleum jelly 
Baking soda 
Protective goggles and hand gloves

The most important thing which you have to keep in mind is the protective features.

Adequate protective measures have to be taken before performing any type of work on the battery. Make sure to wear protective masks, goggles and gloves before starting the maintenance. The cells of the battery are filled with highly corrosive and reactive acids. If Avoid any type of skin contact with these acids. Baking soda and water can be used to neutralize the effect of acidic reaction and so it is recommended to have them by your side. Never wear any type of jewellery while performing maintenance on the battery as there are chances that they could get corroded.

A Gold Cart consist of


6 lead acid batteries. The first step towards maintenance is to check the physical condition of the battery. Check whether it is free from any defects, cracks, corrosion, dirt etc. If you feel that the battery is not in a good condition then you might need to replace it.

Keep the casing and the terminals of the battery clean. The accumulated dirt on the battery casing can be removed using baking soda and water. The terminals of the battery can be cleaned using post and clamp cleaner. It is good to apply a light coating of petroleum jelly over the terminals, once the connections are done.

Now check for the water content inside the battery cells. The plates of the cells should be completely filled with distilled water. If water content is low, always make sure to fill it with distilled water or de-ionized water. Normal water having mineral content can be harmful to the battery cells.


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Majority of golf carts are battery powered. These carts use the power that is stored in the battery for its running. They are rechargeable and are one of the most important parts of the vehicle. It is essential to maintain the battery. If the battery is weak then you have to replace it. The cart uses the electrical energy from the battery to get started, to run and to perform other functions. It is essential to maintain it properly before it getting run down.

A new good golf cart battery is very important in the case of those custom golf carts, brand-new one or a second-hand cart from someone else. The vehicles use batteries same as those used in cars. The working of a golf cart battery is same as that of a car battery. The cart will be open up to the battery and the car runs own that battery. Same as that of a car, if the cart kept in idle for a long time, then the battery will run down and stop and then you have to recharge it or the battery will drain power.

After sometimes you have to buy a new cart battery. The battery is used for running other customizations such as a radio or CD player together with the motor of the cart. Some carts provide places for plugging in the handheld devices or cell phones that

will run off of the golf cart battery.

While not using the cart, you can plug your carts in to the power plug and thus the cart battery will recharge itself. This is helpful that you can make sure that the battery is charged before you use it extensively. You can always recharge the battery to make it ready to go again instead of run it down.

It is really handy to have a good golf cart battery. And if you are not using it for some time, you have to remove it and store in a good place. This makes the battery ready to go when you want. You should also have an extra battery in hand, if you need to change it.


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