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What is the golf game? How to win it? What does “birdie” and “eagle” mean? What means the “hole in one” and “bogey”? And what should one do if one hit the ball into water? There are so many questions that many golf beginners can not understand. So here, I will give some pointers of how to easily understand the golf match.

In simple words, the whole process of golf match is to hit the ball to those holes start from the driving range. A Standard golf course has 18-hole, and they have different pars according to the distance between every hole.  But the total is 72 par for certain.

Competition is divided into two kinds of plays, stroke play and match play: In stroke play, one can be the top with the finally low scores after finish the 18 holes; and in match play, one should be win according to the number of holes, more holes, the more forward of your rank.
One hole for each different long distance, will have different par, or 3, 4 or 5; assuming a par 4 hole rod, if the player with the ball into the hole 4, then it can be called the “par”; if par ball into a hole, we can say that the players play the “birdies”, from English birdie, meaning hit the ball well, like the “birdie “flight as well; if less than 2-under par, it is commonly referred to as the” eagle “, the name comes from the English eagle; if less than the par 3, is called” double eagle “or” Albatross .

Conversely, if the player with the ball into the hole score over par, then the result is not ideal: a higher than par, that is, “bogey”, from English bogey, meaning there is bad luck; above par two is the “double bogey.”

The “Hole in One”, as the words described, is the situation that one directly hit the ball into hole (in only one shot with one’s ping k15 driver). It is difficult to meet such a situation, some players are also in the entire athletic career playing no time, if someone shot a hole in one, there always will be a relevant records on the course, and even post good news story of the form of congratulations.

Many fans found that watching television sites in the bunkers and water hazards, it will have “If the ball fell into the water, how to do” questions, the players just can not play right into the boat? Usually this case, be fined one player, then as close as possible to play the last ball of the second one in situ.

After think out these common little problems, I believe you can watch a golf match easily and clearly, perhaps you can even “teach” the new players around.

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Like a man the master of his or her own company in which carries in the golf industry, my personal newest road trip provides exposed a number of rumblings which are from the grassroots  equally good and bad. Generally the impression regarding Disaster as well as Gloom ended up being prevalent, but some as is also owners along with their staff members think that all of us carry out — there’s sunshine and rainbows available if you know best places to seem, just what tools and techniques to utilize. And this is among the main reasons regarding writing this.

So prior to deciding to end reading and enquire of on your own which your He will are these claims person and also would you he or she think he’s. For a nice and owning a successful Navigation remedies organization that is offering in the game of golf business globally regarding Eight decades! And before getting onto your nose upwards and switch the listening to away from, we aren’t in the business you believe we are.

Almost all the GPS device organizations as well as their own company designs include occur and also removed.

Therefore once again, upon my own excursion through Oakville, Ontario Europe for you to Naples, Fl schoo

ls and also numerous prevents in-between, this can be a summary of that which was told us, and that I assure it’s not at all about Navigation however the point out and playing golf ping g15 irons. My own playing golf rounds are usually lower once again in 2010. It appears to be the recession.

The good news is, we perceive points distinct and thus perform some good playing golf proprietors. We carry out think that there are numerous playing golf courses that folks have got choices to decide on where you should consider their hard-earned us dollars. Might know about perform discover would be that the art of selling as well as advertising is lost. The great old days associated with build a game in a region where lots of people are living, and they will come school of thought only is actually useless.


I’m a golf enthusiast, I’v been in this field for just 2 years, I like golf very much, so I have learn a lot of skills from others. I hope more people love this great game and improve their skills with discount golf clubs and some little suggestions from my articles.


golf cart is a very important purchase if you are a regular golfer and like to play for long hours. Walking for such a long time can be tiresome and when you have to carry the entire golf gear with you. A cart can help save you all the fatigue while you enjoy the game.

Buying a golf cart is the first step but maintaining it so that it does not deteriorate in condition is more important. The good news is that maintenance is quite easy and one does not have to put in extra ordinary effort to ensure that the vehicle remains in good condition.

It is important to carry out regular maintenance every week and do a random check if all the parts are working properly. If you golf more than the average person does, then it is advisable to carry out maintenance twice a week.

You also need to check the batteries, engine, breaks and tires of the golf cart for any signs of degradation and dirt regularly.

Keeping these things clean will enhance the performance of the vehicle and give it a longer life.

The batteries of the golf cart also need to be checked for water regularly as the battery derives power from the water source and operating the

vehicle when battery is out of water it can damage the vehicle permanently. Remember that you can only fill the batter with distilled water as ordinary water carries elements which are harmful for the battery of the golf cart.

If you are not able to spend time on maintenance of your vehicle, the other option is to hire the services of professionals. They are experienced and can do remarkable work of maintenance on your golf cart but they will also charge you a lot so it is better to try and find the time to do these small tasks by yourself and keep your vehicle good as new for years.


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Lee Westwood experienced completely discovered through the majors, he was really self-confident in name drought of British available held around the finish with the year.

No a single can go with the gamers Worksop, who has entered the best 3 of 5 occasions inside previous 7 races with the majors. Two many years ago, Lee – Westwood is really near to victory at Turnberry. He nearly features a playoff, and regrettably he three-putted the final hole. inside playoff Stewart Cink beat Tom Watson, the last victory.

No doubt, Lee Westwood’s has abundant experience. His 18-year’s career, which includes 7 occasions to represent with the European to show up at the Ryder Cup. But he admitted he discovered a beneficial lesson that day. “I remember exactly where I am accomplishing a specific thing wrong.” Lee Westwood said, “I distracted, I have targeted around the instant with the match the entire week.

however the final hole, I started to wish to acquire the game, I putt a poor ball via holes 8, 9 feet, but you discovered a lesson through the experience. Just tiny elements the fact that proper time to hold out the proper thing. only a really tiny tiny particulars will make you more than the line, I really feel I have to retain accomplishing a similar thing, do not do as well superb adjustments, just some little improvements can be close to for it.

“My report inside majors really well, I obtained 5 best

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3 more than the final 7 games, it is truly a marvelous record. I’m only a lack of the big championship, I really productive around the British available the previous two years, I wish this time I can in to the first. “

Lee Westwood completed next in St Andrews final year, in fact, his standing has long been pretty stable. This may be the purpose of he can climb the world’s very first final November. But now, Lee Westwood is fall at the rear of Luke Donald, the next place.

Last 7 majors, Lee Westwood’s lowest place may be the U.S. available final year, tied for 16th. Obviously, that’s not actually bad. In fact, final month, he won the 3rd in Congress. But that game, he watched McIlroy accomplished a very first victory who is more than his tiny 16-year-old. Lee Westwood do not wish to allow this sort of a failure impact their mood, he mentioned now pretty searching forward to his arrival ta property Grand Slam.

Since the U.S. Open, Lee Westwood has not attended any game. He invested some time to appropriate his swing. He gave up the French available on this week, he programs to occur back again on following week’s Scottish Open.

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What are you looking for, quality and informative articles on golf which you have not read before? May be you are tired of reading your favorite golf magazine in which the articles are recycled that say same things over and over again. However, this problem is not a big one because there are many social networking sites on the internet which provide you with a unique collection of articles with latest Golf News. They also provide useful tips for the beginners, seasoned players and also people in between. If you are passionate about golf then you must join these social networks because there are many other advantages that make these networks worth joining.
Here are some other features of these social networks: PGA Tour news, discussion forums, fantasy golf games and prizes, online golf groups, golf course locators, handicap calculators, tee time discounts, equipment for buying, selling, or trading and much more.

It is fun to share Golf News and other related things with those interested in golf as it is a reward giving experience for golf enthusiasts everywhere.
Latest Golf News is that golf game at the Castle Stuart course is discontinued even on the third day of the Scottish Open due to torrential rain, flood and landslide chaos. Montgomerie, Donald and Molinari make a great start at Castle Stuart. Besides these there are many other news related to golf which you can find on these social networking sites. Further, in addition to latest golf news you can also get tips for improving your game if you are passionate about playing golf.
PGA Tour is an organization of professional golfers with a tax-exempt membership. The main objective of the PGA Tour is to expand in both ways, domestically as well as internationally so as to increase player fi

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nancial benefits to a greater extent without dishonoring its commitment relating to the integrity of the golf game. The PGA Tour events also commit to generate revenue for charitable causes in their communities.
PGA Tour also provides financial assistance to poor and distressed members belonging to the golf community through its various funds. Billions of dollars have been donated to help different charities and many individuals by the PGA Tour. The players associated with PGA Tour have earned a respectable position on the priority ranking system which will be used to make selections for the various prestigious open tournaments. It organizes tournament throughout the year. There are many golfers associated with this tour. They play the championships organized by the PGA Tour. For each championship or tournament there is prize money.
There are many websites in the internet which provide more information about latest golf news and PGA Tour. If you are really interested in playing golf you will find all relevant information about people looking for a partner for their next game, you may also get information about the discounts offered by the golf courses that are not