What is the golf game? How to win it? What does “birdie” and “eagle” mean? What means the “hole in one” and “bogey”? And what should one do if one hit the ball into water? There are so many questions that many golf beginners can not understand. So here, I will give some pointers of how to easily understand the golf match.

In simple words, the whole process of golf match is to hit the ball to those holes start from the driving range. A Standard golf course has 18-hole, and they have different pars according to the distance between every hole.  But the total is 72 par for certain.

Competition is divided into two kinds of plays, stroke play and match play: In stroke play, one can be the top with the finally low scores after finish the 18 holes; and in match play, one should be win according to the number of holes, more holes, the more forward of your rank.
One hole for each different long distance, will have different par, or 3, 4 or 5; assuming a par 4 hole rod, if the player with the ball into the hole 4, then it can be called the “par”; if par ball into a hole, we can say that the players play the “birdies”, from English birdie, meaning hit the ball well, like the “birdie “flight as well; if less than 2-under par, it is commonly referred to as the” eagle “, the name comes from the English eagle; if less than the par 3, is called” double eagle “or” Albatross .

Conversely, if the player with the ball into the hole score over par, then the result is not ideal: a higher than par, that is, “bogey”, from English bogey, meaning there is bad luck; above par two is the “double bogey.”

The “Hole in One”, as the words described, is the situation that one directly hit the ball into hole (in only one shot with one’s ping k15 driver). It is difficult to meet such a situation, some players are also in the entire athletic career playing no time, if someone shot a hole in one, there always will be a relevant records on the course, and even post good news story of the form of congratulations.

Many fans found that watching television sites in the bunkers and water hazards, it will have “If the ball fell into the water, how to do” questions, the players just can not play right into the boat? Usually this case, be fined one player, then as close as possible to play the last ball of the second one in situ.

After think out these common little problems, I believe you can watch a golf match easily and clearly, perhaps you can even “teach” the new players around.

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