Earlier the Riviera was a turn-off for golfers. Some of them even went on to the extent of thinking this place to be a “torture chamber” where they hardly had the scope to win points. This year’s PGA tour is to be held at the Riviera churning questions in the minds of the spectators and players. Surprisingly the place is attracting popular names in golf. Yes, everyone wants to swing their club at the Riviera. Wow!! Some of them even think that playing in the Riviera is like a dream come true; they get a better stretch to strike the ball.

Just imagine men handling their club at Pebble Beach doing the same at the Northern Trust Open. Pacific Palisades is all set to see, famous golfer Phil Mickelson is full swing. Anyone interested in buying tickets at soaring price? Well here is it. This weekend it’s going to be a big match; everyone is looking forward to the PGA tour at the Riviera.

Mickelson is amongst the several golfers who are gearing up for his club and ball at the event. The winner of 40 titles is set to create buzz this weekend. His incredible golfing prowess has set him apart and he is the most popular player of recent times. The player humbly expresses his gratitude to millions of spectators who are eagerly waiting to see him play the game. This Sunday is going to be all special. After all  people will be seeing their favorite hero play golf at the Riviera golf course. Interesting isn’t it?

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