Golf, the game of sophistication and elegance, as it is known as has with time developed a steady interest among millions worldwide. From the professionals to the enthusiasts everyone is seemed to be hooked to the game of hits and swings. It might come up as a surprising fact to many but the game also offers great moneymaking opportunity and especially the PGA Tour. The tour is recognized as the major organizer of the main men’s professional golf tours in United States and North America including its chief tour named PGA Tour and other championships.

There had been major confusion concerning the organizing games of the PGA Tour. It should  be cleared on this note that this tour does not organize any of the major championship that includes the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. In addition, also note that the tour is not in any way involved with the women’s golf tours in U.S.A. The tour also does not act as the governing body of Golf in U.S.A. To avoid confusion, you should develop knowledge on the tours organized by the PGA.Acné No Más(tm) – The Original Acne No More ™ Ebook In Spanish!

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The PGA tour officially organizes the the chief tour named “PGA Tour” along with “The Championship Tour”, “The Nationwide Tour.” It also organizes the FedEx Cup events, and the Players Championship along with the biennial Presidents Cup. The game organizers also hold an annual Qualifying Tournament. This is known as Q-School in general. This game is usually a tournament held over six rounds each fall. The top 25 finisher of the tournament including the ties receive the privilege to contest in the PGA Tour of the following year. The other remaining 75 finishers qualify for the Nationwide Tour.

PGA Tour, as it is viewed by the world is recognized as one of the most important professional golf tours of U.S.A. The tour is held in high esteem and is considered to play matching up to highest standards in the game of Golf. All players contesting in this tour is reckoned as the best and enjoys great position in the world ranking system.


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