If you have owned an amazing E-Z-Go electronic golf cart, then you may be feeling proud over its elegance and functionalities. They are designed to offer easy and comfortable transportation in the golf course as well as for off road and leisure activities. You can feel the difference when making a royal ride in it as it can take you easily even over rough terrains. But, maintaining the efficiency requires great deal of patience. You have to spare some time in checking the condition of the cart and charging the batteries regularly. If you do not offer much care to your E-Z-Go electronic golf cart, then you will have to face so many troubleshooting problems that may range from minor to major. Sometimes you may find your cart losing the power or speed and sometimes it may have starting problems. But if you spare a few time to investigate and look to the problem deeply, you can avoid so many problems beforehand.

A sticky accelerator is one of the common problems that often come with the cart. If you come across such a problem, you should carefully listen for any clicking sound that comes when turning on the engine of your cart. And if you find that your vehicle can run of its own without the need for pushing the accelerator

on, then that means that the solenoid of your cart is in its ON position. This is often the common problems that come with an E-Z-Go electronic golf cart which causes the engine to overheat. If such a problem is identified, then it means that the solenoid requires to be replaced immediately to avoid further problems. You should get the help of a qualified mechanic for the work.

You should also keep checking for the proper tire level of your E-Z-Go electronic golf cart. Low tire pressure will induce high load on the cart batteries that will adversely affect the speed of the cart. Both charging of the batteries and inflating the tires to pressure that ranges from 10 and 22 PSI is important to enjoy a ride that does not affect the speed and distance of your cart.

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