You cannot hit a ball with a correct alignment until you are at an appropriate position. Here are some golf tips that you can follow to improve your stance and position while playing golf.
• Most of the golfers suffer from the problem of hitting the ball thin. This is generally due to keeping their shoulder under the chin. Make sure not to position yourself that way. This will surely help you not to hit the ball thin.
• Having a good weight shift in golf is one of the necessary golf tips. You must see to it after each swing whether the weight is on your left or the right foot. For a proper and balanced position, the maximum weight should be on the left one and the rest should reside on the right foot.
• If you want to hit lower shot, the ball should be in the back of the stance, whereas if you intend towards hitting a higher shot, place the ball forward.
• Employment of big muscles of the legs and trunk is a must when it comes to achieving a powerful swing. So don’t just use your arms and wrist, but the whole body for a strong shot.
• Next among the golf tips is to wiggle your toes, which will ensure that you are not shifting too much weight on the forward region of your foot.
• Missing shots is a result of swaying, loss of balance and stopped turning. To avoid such issues, with your feet, hit the ball six inches apart and start hitting shorter swings. This will improve your balance, thereby enhancing your capability to make your shot an ideal one.
• Be flexible and take proper turns, including shoulder turns while hitting the balls.
• The left arm and side are weaker than the right one. Thus, it is advisable to the players to use both the sides,
• Properly aligning the club face is also one of the essential golf tips if you desire to get a powerful swing.

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