Customized golf carts are a very common sight recently. A customized vehicle can look unique and will certainly stand out from the crowd of other carts. They will give your cart more attention when placed in a group of other carts. People who use carts for many uses may need a customization for their cart. Vehicles are inside private compounds, inside the home, in your locality or in the coasts. A wide range of tools and extra fittings are available to design your vehicle uniquely that defines self-expression. E-Z-Go is a demanded brand and is commonly used by private owners and is usually customized by them.

1. A theme of your liking should be chosen. Sports teams, hobbies and even professions may be a theme to customize your cart. The cart should reflect a part of you to the crowd.

2. Creative and easy ideas can be acquired from stores, web sites or catalogs. The internet can inspire you with a lot of ideas. It contains communities where people share views and opinions about customization. They can also help you in deciding the budget. Most fittings may be afforded easily, but a considerable amount may be spent for customization.

3. The customized paint job should be well planned. Paint defines how the cart looks and is a very important factor. The full b

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ody paint jobs, graphics or pinstriping must also be considered. It is better to complete work on the body before fitting the accessories. This is done to avoid the extra fittings from interfering with the paint or graphics application.

4. Install custom fittings like chrome accents, custom radios, lift kits, roof racks, seats and others only according to the instructions of the company. It needs hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, an adjustable wrench, and hammer. Sometimes adding extra fittings can even be done by you at your garage.

5. Obtain a good golf cart cover. Covers can be purchased in different materials, colors and prices. When choosing covers, it should be ensured that it will protect against rain and sun.

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