The KPMG report, displaying that the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region’s golf developments deliver the highest revenues across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, underlined the

Gulf’s influence in the improvement of the global game to taylormade R11 driver leaders developers and choice makers, attending KPMG’s eighth annual Golf Business Forum, in Dubai this week.


In a keynote opening address to 300 delegates, O’Grady, underlined the significance of the region in raising the profile of the game at both amateur and skilled levels.


“Regardless of the challenges produced by the current fluctuation in the genuine estate marketplace, the partnership in between the European Tour and Dubai/Nakheel remains sturdy,” he said.

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“The Dubai World Championship and The Race to Dubai, with the continued assistance of the Government and the private sector in Dubai, the UAE, the region and globally, will see, by the end of this year, delivery of the third Race to Dubai and the third Dubai Globe Championship with $ 45 million prize money distributed.


“The European Tour’s presence in the region will continue as neighborhood players are created and far more folks take up the game. Already there are a number of outstanding amateur players and the announcement of the Mena Tour, along with the Arab Golf Federation, will play a significant taylormade R11 driver in the development of the game for Arab Nationals as properly as ex-pats,” he added.


In the meantime the key findings of the new report ‘An Overview of Golf in the Golf Cooperation Council (GCC)’, presented at the meeting by KPMG, are as follows:


• GCC countries are nonetheless the highest performers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in terms of revenues accomplished (over US$ eight.5million) with, on average, more than 30,000 rounds played at its 18-hole golf courses


• Rates in the region are among the highest in the planet, with annual taylormade R11 driver club memberships averaging US$ 6,400 and peak-season green charges averaging US$ 179


• Only half of the total revenues are made up of membership and green charges whilst food and beverage facilities contribute significantly to the total golf course earnings


• Staff expenses account for a lot more than 40% of the total operating expenses, due to the high staffing levels of the region’s facilities with an average of 150-200 full-time personnel per club.


• With applications becoming introduced at numerous developments to encourage participation in the game, the future of taylormade R11 driver in the GCC supplies lots of space for growth.


Andrea Sartori, head of KPMG’s Golf Advisory Practice in EMA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) added: “The European Tour has played a considerable part in raising the awareness

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