Do you think that the golfers live a glamorous life 24 hours in front of the media? If you think so, then you can borrow the example of the PGA Tour, which is the most glamorous place for the world famous golfers to be gathered in their best attire, because they are eyed by the media all the time.                    

The photographers of the PGA Tour stand always at their toe to catch the best sight of the golfers. Thus, the fans get to see the superb pictures of their favorite golfers in the newspaper or on the Television.

There was a PGA merchandise show in Orlando, Florida arranged in this January to build support for the quest of Phil Bundy to play on the tour. Phil Bundy is a 43 year old golfer, who want to play on the PGA Tour officially for his little son Charlie, who loves golf and 5 years old.

He in one of his blogs about the PGA Tour has mentioned that the golf fashion is not the same as it was in the 1980s. Then, the golfers used to play the game wearing khakis. Now-a-days, golfers have their own fashion sense, which help them stand out as an individual than the others.

As an example, you can take the name of Jimmy Dermaret, who wears bright colors all the time. For instance, you can also take the name of the Bobby Jones, who is famous for his classic styles. Pyne Stewart is also identifiable for his famous knickers.

So, it can be said that golf fashion has changed for the golfers and PGA Tour is the best place to witness the glamour and style of the golf heroes, what say?

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