When it comes to the golf swing, there is so much information that it can become very confusing!

Until now, if two reputable golf professionals showed you two totally new manners to swing and both told you that their way was the right way, you would have been drawn to take your best guess.

Maybe you would have picked out the information from the pro who was most well known, or possibly the one who could play the better, or the one you listened to most recently. With this guess based method of choosing a swing you finish up going from one swing to the next because nothing works for you.

The great news is that there is now a established way to check which swing method is best for you. Its simple it’s easy, and it works each time.

The secret is to begin with impact, it’s the first step to a proper golf swing.

Impact is frequently named the “moment of truth” because it’s the most critical aspect of your golf swing.

If you wish to determine your greatest swing, and end swing confusion forever, the key is to relate every swing shift to impact.

So to figure out which swing permits the greatest set-up for you, you need to figure out which swing allows you the ideal position at the point of impact for the easiest, most comfortable, most powerful way. If you wish to find out if an upright or flatter backswing is best, just find which type grants you an ideal impact position.

While there are countless swing methods, there is only one method to swing that is the, easiest, most comfortable, and most powerful way for YOU! Trust me that the swing that feels optimal is the right way to swing and you’ll stop swing confusion forever!

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