There are several men and women playing golf in athletic shoes and yes they might do ok in them, but there are so several disadvantages. One of the primary disadvantages is the lack of stability when swinging your golf clubs. You can shed your balance, you lack

the power to take a full swing and your swing will lack accuracy. It is encouraged that you get oneself a pair of golf shoes, but initial lets see the positive aspects.

Weather conditions

Playing golf in wet, windy, cold conditions can be hard and challenging on your feet if you are not wearing the appropriate footwear. Although it is largely hardcore golfers that play in these conditions. There are golf shoes available that will advantage you in virtually any weather situation. Most shoes are waterproof and will keep your feet warm from the cold. There is also a range of water-resistant shoes that are much more helpful for the summer time.

These shoes make it less complicated for your feet to breathe in hot circumstances, especially if you are walking the golf course.


Golf shoes have come a lengthy way in this division by integrating athletic shoe characteristics into their styles. This is excellent news for all the golfers that enjoy a very good stroll.


This is an additional area where golf shoes have come a long way. The shoes of the past followed saddle-oxford convention, full with hideous tassels. Fortunately those days are gone.

Numerous of today’s shoes mimic athletic styling to the point where there are identical. They come in a variety of types and styles that will aid you appear and really feel your best on the course.

Traction and stability

Without having traction you wont be capable to execute to your greatest capability. The plastic cleats at the bottom of the shoes aid you dig your feet into the ground for additional stability.

This alone will boost your game drastically. They help on slippery wet surfaces and without having a doubt are really crucial in taking a very good, precise, effective shot.

A single of the most crucial locations golf shoes come into play is in the bunkers. Golfers are not allowed to ground their club or take a practice shot in the sand and it can be difficult to maintain your balance on this ground. You can acquire stability by digging your shoes into the sand in a side to side motion. Then it really is just a matter of executing your shot.


You might want to do some buying around, but you will discover that you can get a decent pair for as little as $ 60. A very very good pair will set you back about $ 150 and the most high-priced shoes wont expense a lot much more than $ 400. You will most likely get a lot more for your income by buying on the web. Searching on the web is a good way to see the shoes that are obtainable on the market place as properly.

As you can see golf shoes are a key element of golf gear. There is a enormous range and numerous brands in the marketplace to decide on from.

At Comfortable Golf Shoes, we’re committed to helping you find the very best golf shoes on the market place by giving you a wide range to pick from.

We offer high-good quality, fashionable, waterproof, turf-gripping and, most of all, comfy golf shoes from the greatest brands in the organization, which includes FootJoy, Nike, ECCO and adidas.

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