The Ann Arbor region is property to numerous entertaining and challenging disc golf courses. No matter what your ability level in the sport, you can discover a wonderful course around the area. The really great element about most of these courses are that they are completely free of charge! Let’s take a appear at a handful of of the a lot more prominent courses in the area.

Water Functions Park: If you are just beginning out in disc golf, there is not a much more straight forward course than Water Functions Park. It offers a nine

hole course that is pretty open, is fairly forgiving on newcomers and greatest of all is completely cost-free. Just be certain to watch out on holes number two and three as they hug the Huron River and far more than one disc has went in the drink, never ever to be seen again. The principal downside to this park is that it is sometimes tough to know exactly where the tees and pins are, as there are no markings anyplace.

If you do make a decision to go to Water Functions, be positive to take a buddy

that is been there ahead of.

EMU Disc Golf Course: An additional excellent beginner course that is cost-free to play on is the EMU Disc Golf Course. This course is located subsequent to the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center and is a nine hole course. Most of the pins are in an open field, permitting you to actually throw long drives and there are not to numerous obstacles to go about.

Rolling Hills: If you have a season or two under your belt, one particular of the best intermediate parks in the region to go to is Rolling Hills. It offers a completely wooded 18 hole course for any individual hunting for a challenge. This is a tournament spot for the pro disc golf association as well, so you will continually see players there practicing that are willing to offer you guidelines to other players.

The only downside to this course is that it costs to enter the park. The expense is $ five.00 if you are a resident of Washtenaw county, and $ 9.00 if you are not. One particular word of suggestions right here the expense is per car and only the driver has to show their ID. Be positive to have an individual from Washtenaw county driving to save your self a handful of dollars.

These are just a few of the superb disc golf courses in the location. If I had to decide on just a single course to go to it would be Rolling Hills, even if I were a beginner. The course is difficult and you can’t beat the 18 wooded holes. It’s like a small nature trip each time you go out there. Have entertaining this summer time and maintain ’em spinning!

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