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You have idolized Tiger Woods- the king of Golf- to the ultimate. You have always wished becoming a pro like him at the game, every time, you held the club onto your hands. However, have you ever put much thought on learning a bit about the personality you admire most? Well, if you have not then, you can seldom claim yourself being a Tiger fan. After all, being an admirer of Woods certainly brings you to the edge of knowing all about him.   

For those, who would like to have

an up-close-and personal knowledge about Tiger Woods; here you go. Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods came into this world on the date December 30, 1975. An American golfer who plays at the professional level, Woods claimed the title of being the most successful golfer after clinching consecutive titles and achievements. Woods also became the highest-paid athlete at the professional level in the world. Tiger clinched a victory in 14 major professional golf championships, the second rank of any male golfer.

His triumph of victories was not restricted in the professional championships. Woods also claimed a win at 71 events of PGA Tour, ranking third in the league behind Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus. Tiger surely had an eventful golfing career with maximum victories in major championships and PGA Tour. Additionally, he has also claimed the title of being the youngest golfer to have achieved the Grand Slam and the fastest to claim a victory at 50 tournaments on a tour. Tiger Woods is also second in rank in the achievement list of career Grand Slam; he has on it three times. His achievements has made him the player of all times.

You have always heard news about PGA tour that was centered around the players participating in the tour or about the tour itself, but this sometimes it is different. Surprising it might come to you initially, but the news that the game of golf gas ventured onto the world of Social Media holds all truth in it. The centuries-old sophisticated game that was defined a sport of the rich and classy has finally found its space in the virtual world.      

Well, the news says that the golfers at the Northern Trust Open sponsored by a prominent brand are wearing hats that are inscribed with the hashtag, a popular Twitter sign, #driverlove. Well, incidentally this is the first time that such open references of Social Media have come into forth on the golfers of the PGA Tour or the playing surfaces. While, Social Media have had interesting attachments with other games and its players, golf for so long has stayed out of it.

The reason for the detachment has solely been owed to the traditional spirit of the game and the somber tone. It has also been often explained that the game is not essentially eager to venture onto the world of newly emerged social and tech trends. Well, the venture into the world of Social Media for the game of Golf might have been slow, but the potentials of being big in the world is not far away. The twist that the PGA Tour witnessed under the hands of the social trend is certainly interesting and the game is sure to connect to its fan better in the coming days.

Charl Schwartzel seldom had the sensation during the earlier years of play; however, somehow he knew that he was sure to win previous year’s Masters prior to moving onto the finishing round. The South African golfer was just four strokes away the pace at Augusta National following 54 holes and moved on to seal his first great win via two shots with an amazing finish. 

Schwartzel, amid his preparation for WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship scheduled this week told the reporters Dove Mountain’s Ritz-Carlton Golf Club that he woke up in the morning and felt that he was going to win. He further added that he maintained complete composure about the feeling and it was definitely the good part of it all. He said, it is certain to good to believe that you would win today, but in case, you get nervous then, things might fall apart.

Schwartzel opened his finishing round featuring a 6-under 66 par, the minimum score of the game that day, as he moved on to become the third golfer from South Africa to clinch a victory at the the Master’s. He said that at Augusta he had been playing well consistently, but never received the birdie run prior to the final round where you get to make birdies to upgrade your score. Incidentally, Charl Schwartzel is a seven-time winner at the European tour.

He further added to his statements that he felt he was playing beautifully and was in complete control of the game; a feeling that you do not get to experience often. He added that he often had a hint of such feeling, but never so specifically.


For all those dying to snatch a glimpse of golf star Tiger Woods can hold their breath once again, Woods is all set to participate in Honda Classic. The golfer has made the announcements earlier this month and is eyeing to create news for, which he is most famous. His love for the game is revealed more than a million times. Tiger’s repeated attempts is creating buzz across the globe. Yes, we are all set to see Tiger Woods making his first attempt at Palm Beach National PGA tour in Florida.

His recent announcement suggests the fact that it is going to add up to his busy schedule which has started with the onset of 2012. Woods also added that he is all set to deliver his amazing swings at the Accenture tournament to be played in Tucson. The WGC Cadillac Tournament is also on the cards for the golf legend just a week after the Honda Classic gets over. Wow this means he will be playing for three consecutive events. An exhilarated Tiger said his return to the game is making him stronger by the day as he is pretty confident to strengthening his credentials, this year. Woods believes that a victory awaits him soon in the forthcoming days.

Tiger Woods who has recently relocated to Palm Beach will be playing the Honda Championships on his home ground. The much awaited event is expected create a stir amongst spectators and lovers of golf because this one is surely going to be tough for players.

Do you often fancy looking at the world’s best golf players and want to play like them? Do you need golf lessons to sharpen your golf skills? Then, here are some golf tips that you can look up for.                               

Choose the best golf clubs for you

When it comes to playing the golf game, choosing the perfect club is really very important. Since, there are different types of golf clubs available, you must go for choosing the one, which suits your height and grip the best.

Know how to balance your body

While you are playing golf, it is very important for you to know how to to balance your body in the golf ground. The more you can hold yourself steady on the ground, the more you get to balance your body in a proper way. Since, your head plays a vital role in helping you balance yourself in a better way, you must keep it in a perfect position to get the best result.

Know the right posture of playing golf

For playing outstanding golf, you need to know how you can make yourself stand upon the ground. You must be firm and strong enough to hit the ball with all the power you have. Therefore, when you are going to play the game, you must continue to change your position, till the time you get the perfect posture to play at your best.

Wear perfect clothes

Your clothes play a vital role, when it comes to playing golf at your ease. You must wear a comfortable and flexible cloth, in which you can play the game of golf in a better way.

So, go for applying to these golf tips, while playing the golf, because your better skills make you play a better game at your ease.