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Fun in the sun on Golf Holidays Spain

Where would you rather be this weekend? Trudging around your local golf course trying to birdie a hole in gale force winds, or enjoying the delights of a sun-soaked course over in Spain? There’s not much difference is there? How do you fancy escaping the cold and downright dreary weather in the UK for a while on one of the Golf Holidays Spain has to offer? A day filled with uninterrupted golfing action beckons on the Golf Holidays Spain. You get to pick your accommodation, you get to choose the courses that you play on, and you get the opportunity to set your own itinerary. Rain-washed Britain or sun-soaked Spain? You’re already thinking Golf Holidays Spain aren’t you?

A choice of resorts on Golf Holidays Spain

Pick from a number of prime resorts, lush courses and stunning locations. Book Golf Holidays Spain for a few days, spend a week or two – you can stay as long as you like. Great packages are being offered at the moment that provide accommodation, flights, airport transfers and a number of rounds at the golf clubs of your choice. Some of the Golf Holidays Spain also includes car hire which is extremely useful if you plan to visit a number

of courses during your stay. It’s handy to have a hire car because the time not spent on the golf courses can be filled with touring around the local area. Take a look at the beautiful resorts that are waiting to make your Golf Holidays Spain, magical and memorable experiences.

Get together with your golf chums on the Golf Holidays Spain

Head off on holiday with a bunch of like-minded individuals. You’ll eat, sleep and drink golf on the Golf Holidays Spain. Set up your own competition to see who can complete the course with the lowest possible score. Bed and breakfast, half board or self catering options are provided as part of the Golf Holidays Spain. You can mix and match a package to find the ideal combination that suits your individual needs. Book the Golf Holidays Spain for a special occasion or simply use them as an excuse to get together with a few of your golfing pals. there has never been a better time to book Golf Holidays Spain . Choose from the Costa Del Sol, Murcia, Almeria and much more; visit our site for more information.



Cheyenne Woods is an American amateur golfer. Woods was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a daughter of Earl Dennison Woods Jr., golfer Tiger Woods’s older half-brother. Her grandfather, Earl Woods Sr., was her first coach. She currently attends Wake Forest University and plays golf for the Demon Deacons. She has won more than 30 amateur tournaments. In 2009, she received a sponsor’s exemption to play in an LPGA tournament, the Wegmans LPGA. She missed the cut by four strokes.

When Cheyenne Woods was 2, she plucked a club from a bag, like a sword from a stone, and whacked a golf ball into the netting in her grandfather’s garage, where her Uncle Eldrick famously took his mythic first cuts. In this article, I would tell you the new golf news about Cheyenne Woods. If you want to know much more R11 Driver Review, you may visit my to get more golf swing tips.

Today Cheyenne is 20, a junior at Wake Forest who will compete in this week’s NCAA championships in Bryan, Texas.

She is ranked 23rd by Golfweek, a long shot to win the women’s individual title the way Tiger Woods won the men’s for Stanford in 1996. But when Cheyenne won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship last month, she immediately thought of her grandfather, who died in 2006.

“He would be very proud,” she says, “of how far I’ve come.” Tiger Woods tweeted his delight: My niece, Cheyenne, just won the ACC golf title by 7 shots! That’s awesome, I’m so proud of her. Cheyenne’s father, Earl Jr., is Tiger’s half-

brother. She even looks

a bit like Tiger. “I get that a lot,” she says. “But I don’t see it. I feel like I just look like myself.”

“Hopefully everyone lets her be her,” Tiger says. “People don’t need to compare her to me.” They do, of course, and have since she picked up that first club — one of his old ones, as luck (and creation myth) would have it.

“Let her create her own life,” Tiger says, “and her own path.” When she was little, Cheyenne would ask her teachers on the first day of school: Do you know who my uncle is? It was cool to be Tiger’s niece. She still felt that way when she started playing junior tournaments and the cameras followed her every move.

Today, Cheyenne does her best to strike a middle ground: She is proud of her famous uncle but eager to own an identity apart from a man she does not really know all that well. This article is from Also, we recommend the ping g15 hybrid and ping g15 irons to you.

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There are two kinds of golf clubs on the market, Japanese version and American version. Some common golfers may have little knowledge on their differences. Here I’d like to analyze the features of Japanese version shaft and American version shaft. I hope it is helpful for you to choose the right shaft when you consider changing your golf clubs. This article is based on the standard shafts on the markets, not referring to any customized shafts.

The world’s largest market of golf clubs is America. So many big golf brand companies are based on United States. As familiar with us, Callaway golf clubs company, Ping, Taylormade and cleveland are created in U.S. Because United States is the largest market, many golf equipment manufacturers mainly target to expand sales in U.S.

Hence the mainstream golf clubs are dominated by U.S. regulations. The statures of Americans have the innate physical differences with that of Asians. Some golf equipment manufacturers develop new products on the basis of American statures. Japan is the third golf markets in the world, which lead to some golf clubs manufacturers, make some Japanese version clubs to meet the need ofJapan golf market. That resulted in so-called American Standard shaft and Japanese Standard shaft.

Basically, this is generated by the difference of sales objects. At the same time, it proves golf is a personal sport. Golf clubs manufacturers are not able to sell clubs with unique standards and specifications to all the golf players’ wide world, so it is necessary to do some adjustment according to different users. In that case, golf clubs consumers are able to know the advantages of the golf clubs in different areas.


Difference in Weight

Generally speaking, weight difference is an apparent specifications difference, which is a very straightforward impression to golf users. Too heavy or too light does not work, so that weight is an important setting. Because Asians and Americans differ in size and physical fitness, the weight of the American standard golf clubs is heavier than Japanese version golf clubs, among10gto20gor more. So on the basis of Japanese regulations focus on lightweight design. If Asian golfers all played withU.S.regulation clubs, maybe more than half of them would have been automatically surrendered. And it is also very prone to injuries. 


Difference in Length

Length influences the performance of golf clubs a lot. Too long or too short clubs can not help your playing. GenerallyU.S. regulations golf clubs is shorter than Japanese regulation golf clubs by about 0.25 ” to 0.75″. Because Asian golfers are not as good as Western golfers in physical strength, a longer golf

clubs can get better distance effect. And Asians are more sophistical and hardworking than Americans, so they are easier to control long clubs.

Take golf

Today let’s talk about something about Tiger Woods Golf, Tigers Golf Bag .

It’s hard to believe that so much attention can be paid to a single piece of sports gear. Tiger’s new/old driver has gotten more press recently than Ben and J-Lo. Not since Johnny Unitas’ high-top cleats has an athlete’s equipment selection been so thoroughly discussed and analyzed.

Prior to the July 28th made-for-television “Battle of the Bridges” match-play event, Tiger Woods decided to pull his $ 20 million Nike driver out of his golf bag in favor of his six-year old Titleist 975D.

Callaway Golf Bag B001
OK, the driver doesn’t retail for anything close to $ 20 million. But it’s been reported that Tiger is raking in that much each year to endorse Nike golf equipment and apparel.

So it doesn’t bode well for team Swoosh that he used the Titleist again this past week at the Buick Open where he finished second.

Something tells me Nike executives are on their knees thanking the golf gods that Tiger wasn’t able to complete a weekend rally to overtake Buick Champion Jim Furyk. As it is, the driver change was big news in the golf world, and bad news for the shoe company’s relatively new golf division.

Nothing says “your equipment stinks” louder and more convincingly than the world’s greatest golfer taking it out of his bag because he can’t hit it. Contrary to what the Nike spin-doctors are saying, this has got to be the company’s worst nightmare.

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Callaway X-22 Iron Set

What golfer in his or her right mind is going to rush down to the sporting goods store and spend a couple of hundred bucks on a driver that even Tiger Woods has trouble hitting? Not me. Not you. And with the world-wide publicity “the switch” has produced, nobody from Japan to Scotland either.

But don’t take my word for it. is running a poll that asks “Do you think Nike will see a significant decrease in driver sales after Tiger Wood’s decision to go back to his Titleist driver?” Over 73% of respondents voted ‘Yes’.

discount golf clubs
When Phil Mickelson suggested that Tiger’s “slump” may be due, in part, to his use of inferior equipment, the media went berserk on the Major-less lefty. Now the idea doesn’t seem so absurd.

A Nike executive recently pointed out that Tiger has won many tournaments using their equipment. Well, Tiger is probably capable of winning tournaments using a garden hoe and a pool cue. I, on the other hand, need all the technological help I can get just to break 90. When I’m shopping around for the next “latest and greatest”, I’ll probably stay away from the Nike rack. I’ll go with – oh, I don’t know, there are so many brands to choose from – Titleist perhaps.


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Tiger Woods, most certainly is the dream golfer of most of the gaming enthusiasts. Many of you indeed, hold the secret dream of swinging the club or placing the putter like him. Well, the God of Golf – Tiger is blessed with the power of driving the ball to the farthest end, which offers him the advantage. If, you too hold the dream of driving the ball at the farthest end then, it is time that you learn some of his playing secrets.

From his swinging style to putting shots- everything comes together to offer him the edge in the game of Golf. To realize your dream of hitting the ball like Tiger Woods, you need to have your grip at the game right. Here is a look at few tips that you can follow to strike akin to your idol.

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gn: justify;”>Tilt the putter aligned with your leg so that stands up resting on your log without the need of holding it with hands.

Hold the putter top with left hand, preferably, the way Woods grip it through the handle beneath the left hand butt. The best trick is to hold the handle via the thumb of your left hand facing it forward and keeping it against your body. All the four fingers should touch other, as you wrap the handle around with your thumb pointing straight towards the handle length.

Following this, you need to interlock your pointing finger with the right finger and hold your right hand butt around your thumb and rest of the fingers rounding the handle. The right thumb too should hold a similar approach like your thumb.