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Electric Golf Trolleys are especially designed electrical powered vehicles for golfers, which carry golfers and their golf kits around the golf course. These electric powered trolleys let the players go around different corners of golf course quickly and saves the energy of players as they do not have to walk around the ground, it is strong easy to operate and alternate to carrying a bag.   

This technology was introduced approximately fifteen years ago and that time only few manufacturers were into this business. As time passed, handful manufacturers started making Electric Golf Trolleys. Such trolleys are widely used by golfers of all ages to avoid fatigue and save mental and physical energy while playing golf.  

Electric golf trolleys do not create any noise or air pollution.

They can also be used to travel around the neighborhood; their speed is slow which provides safety to the pedestrians as well. The design and style of electric trolleys remained same for long time; however some changes have been made now, like batteries of electric golf trolleys are improvised so that they will not be requiring charging again and again. Even chargeable batteries do not take much longer time for getting charged. They have got huge popularity due to the durability, styling, custom body panels, custom wheels and audio entertain

ment systems.  

Presently manufacturers are making trolleys which are easy to operate and handle, by adding some new features such as turn signals, headlights, and wind shield wipers, rear new mirrors and break lights etc. Self modification can also be done by changing motors, signal lights, batteries and panels etc. Such accessories can be easily found by surfing internet and by visiting different sports outlets. 

The prices of Electric Golf trolleys are very much expensive, but it will prove out to be a good investment for any of the regular golf player in the long run. Electric trolleys are blessing for old players either male or female, who find it so difficult to carry a bag on their backs and move around the golf course. Thanks to this electronic transport as it helps people to concentrate on the game only.

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The golf cart wheels should be lightweight and strong. Normally three piece construction is followed in the case of top-of-the-line golf cart wheels. When a three-piece construction is followed, it is possible to replace only the damaged components such as a bent rim flange. But there are some disadvantages as well. Like the higher cost and the requirement of periodic checking off the bolt torque and also the possibility of Seal leakage. The different factors such as strength, price, overall performance and weight are directly related to the manufacturing technique that is used in it. Gravity casting is the most common and the least expensive method that is used in wheel manufacturing. In this technique the molten metal is poured into the mold and is then allowed to cool down and harden. It is a manufacturing technique that works very well. But it require that the wheel to be thicker and heavier for compensating the porosity in the matter. Pressurized casting is another casting method for making golf vehicles wheels.

In pressurized casting method, the molten metal under pressure or in a vacuum is used to compress the metal. This compression increases the strength and reduces the porosity. This method is more expensive than gravity casting, but produces stronger, lighter wheels. Forging

is the most expensive and the high-quality method for making the wheels. It is the method in which the metal piece is heated in under a millions of pounds of pressure.

The forging method can produce dense, extremely strong wheels. They are lighter also. Because there is less material is required for getting the correct strength. The weight has very less importance on the ability of the suspension to control the tire and the wheel motion. The strengths and the weight of the golf vehicle are also important. A more rigid wheel can reduce reflux that may occur during the cornering and also improve the tire performance. Normally a golf cart wheel which is having a lower weight and less flexing will improve the steering response of the vehicle. So the technique used in the construction of wheels is really important in the performance of the cart.

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