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Golf, the game of sophistication and elegance, as it is known as has with time developed a steady interest among millions worldwide. From the professionals to the enthusiasts everyone is seemed to be hooked to the game of hits and swings. It might come up as a surprising fact to many but the game also offers great moneymaking opportunity and especially the PGA Tour. The tour is recognized as the major organizer of the main men’s professional golf tours in United States and North America including its chief tour named PGA Tour and other championships.

There had been major confusion concerning the organizing games of the PGA Tour. It should  be cleared on this note that this tour does not organize any of the major championship that includes the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. In addition, also note that the tour is not in any way involved with the women’s golf tours in U.S.A. The tour also does not act as the governing body of Golf in U.S.A. To avoid confusion, you should develop knowledge on the tours organized by the PGA.Acné No Más(tm) – The Original Acne No More ™ Ebook In Spanish!

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The PGA tour officially organizes the the chief tour named “PGA Tour” along with “The Championship Tour”, “The Nationwide Tour.” It also organizes the FedEx Cup events, and the Players Championship along with the biennial Presidents Cup. The game organizers also hold an annual Qualifying Tournament. This is known as Q-School in general. This game is usually a tournament held over six rounds each fall. The top 25 finisher of the tournament including the ties receive the privilege to contest in the PGA Tour of the following year. The other remaining 75 finishers qualify for the Nationwide Tour.

PGA Tour, as it is viewed by the world is recognized as one of the most important professional golf tours of U.S.A. The tour is held in high esteem and is considered to play matching up to highest standards in the game of Golf. All players contesting in this tour is reckoned as the best and enjoys great position in the world ranking system.


As you think of the greatest golfers of all time, one name could hardly be omitted. That is the one and only sensational Tiger Woods. He is really the topmost golfer of all times. The first ever billionaire athlete. But unfortunately over the past few seasons, he is being missing from the circuit. From a tender age he has been one of the most prominent players in the circuit. He was a constant winner of over 14 professional major golf championships. He was also the second highest male player and also about 71 PGA events.

Mr. Woods also held the number one position in the world rankings and that also for the most number of weeks. He achieved a career grand slam almost three times. He is the probably t

he second golfer after

Jack Nicklaus. He was also subsequently awarded the PGA Player of the Year, a record of about ten times. Tiger Woods was also awarded the Byron Nelson Award for making the lowest adjusted scoring average, for a record of 8 times. But suddenly, his career got stumbled upon, since he fell into some problems with his personal life.

But it is quite unfortunate, that his personal problems took its toll on his future career prospects. Born in Dec 30, 1975 to Earl and Kultida Woods. From childhood he was raised as a Buddhist. He actively praised the faith and also simultaneously practiced it. He praised the religion almost wholeheartedly, saying that,” Buddhism taught me to stop following every impulse and to learn restraint. He also later confessed that, he lost track of everything of what he was taught. By the time he gained national prominence, he was already known as the prominent junior of the amateur golfing circuit. He was simply known as none other than, the Tiger of the golfing circuit.


American hero Dustin Johnson wins at Barclays. As the record says he is one of the longest drivers on the PGA tour who can strike a ball over 350 yards without making efforts.

It is his 5th PGA Tour victory. He Beat Matt Kuchar just by 2 strokes. For a 27years old PGA professional it was quite a great achievement. He has proved that nothing is impossible when talent takes its flight. 

When talking about the tournament we know that it was shortened because of the Hurricane Irene. But, Johnson gave his best. He stroke rounds of 66-63-65 and win at-19. This was his first victory of the year 2011 which uplifted his position from 19th to 1st in the FedEx Cup Champion standings. This win also assured him a 4th posi

s will be held at Woodlands, in the nearby region from January 6. However, the closing game over 36 holes of both the events will be held at Spring Valley at the same time over the weekend.

The closing schedule will see alternating groups in a game play ensuring exciting finales that comes one after the other. Both the men and women at the game will be vying for prize money worth $125,000. The game will be held at the 18th green on Sunday. Golf Victoria with its new initiative is also expecting to pull in great crowds at the event, especially the women interested at the game. The women players find it interesting to be back at the tournament at an equal par. The Golf News announced b Victoria Golf is sure to take all enthusiasts at the stride of the game.


Whether it is something professional or for entertainment, everything attracts the attention of the common people only if something unique is added to or introduced with it. To ensure that more and more people take interest in the PGA Tour, some of the changes have been introduced in the 2011 series. In the 2011 series, it has been found that the schedule was almost the same as it was in the year 2010. However, in the PGA Tour of 2011, the number of monetary official events was reduced by one. The Turning Stone Resort Championship was the one that was demised.

However, in spite of the transformations, it has been found that the total prize money for the PGA Tour would remain almost the same.Going through the changes will let you come across the points in which 2010 schedule was different from this 44 session of 2011.Here are some of the glimpses of changes:

  • FedEx Cup off Week:The FedEx Cup off week playoffs that was normally held the week before The Tour Championship would shift to the week prior to the BMW Championship. As a r

    esult of this, the concern about the shorter turnaround after the playoff event of the Deutsche Bank Championship of the second time got reduced. This is, however, the tournament that generally ends on the Mondays, mostly on the Labor Day. 

  • Match Play Championship Final:From 36 holes, the final of the Accenture Match Play Championship will be reduced to 18.
  • Fall Series: The Fall Series of the PGA Tour 2011 has been reduced to four weeks. This is because of the shift of the Viking Classic into the regular session and that too on the opposite of the Open Championship.

The announcement of the changes has led to a significant increase in the level of curiosity among the people, which in turn has publicized this session of the PGA Tour a lot.