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Golf is a game of sheer concentration and skills. Holding a club in hands and striking the ball is not enough when it comes to quality of golf playing. To attain the zenith of success in terms of golf playing one must know the skills required. Let me help you with some of the handy golf tips to make the game easier for you.

Ease yourself: While playing golf, it is essential for you to relax yourself as much as you can. I know, when you are going for shot lots of tensions haunt your mind, that makes your grip stronger than it requires, breaks your concentration as well and most of all distract you from giving your best. For coming out from the doomed situation take some deep breathe and play with all the enjoyments you have. It will help you to relax. 

Wearing comfortable outfits can relax and comfort your body.

Balance your body: Acquiring right balance can turn the whole game for your favor. Keep changing your postures until you get the balance you want. Don’t always focus on keeping your neck steady as this can disturb your balance as well as concentration. But make sure that while swinging the stick adjust your neck position so that the force you are applying for striking the ball doesn’t result in giving you neck pains.

You can do some free hand exercise for increasing the balancing ability of your body.

Stay confident: Nervousness is the common factor that kills the jack of all trades. Have confidence in yourself while playing the game, it can certainly help you to get your best shots.

While you are on the fields murmur “I can do it”. It will help you to boost up the confidence level.

Have a blast on the field using these golf tips. Best of luck!

Tiger Woods, the master of golf surprised everyone with his decision of coming back to the field once again after his injury layoff.This golfer No. 1 has a huge fan following that has been waiting for prodigy to return to the golf course since the mid-May. From one of the topmost rankings, Woods slipped to the 28th position due to his absence in many matches because of the knee and Achilles tendon injuries during The Masters in April. On successful treatment of his injuries, Woods thanked his doctors who gave him the clearance. 

Tiger Woods says that he started practicing again last week or two and he was pleased to see the same enthusiasm that used to be there earlier. He also confessed that he desired to play last week itself, but the doctors advised him to take some more time and play the next week. He also added, “I started pushing it pretty hard (in training) and I feel good now.”For more than three years, Woods has remained absent from the major and any other tournament since November, 2009. This increases the willingness among the golf players to see how well does Woods perform in the PGA tour. Woods was last seen on the grounds during the Players Championship, but due to his injuries and declining health conditions, he had to withdraw his name.

Tiger Woods would return to the place that holds a very valuable position in his life. It is the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational on the Akon course where the golfer won seven times in nine visits and the other two times he stood in the second and fourth position. It’s a lucky place for Woods and hence it is also one of the reasons why the fans of Tiger Woods are eagerly waiting to see how the master golfer performs on his PGA tour return.

A success of someone is not only the result of his hard work, but there are certain things that also contribute in enabling him achieve his desirable goals. It can be anything someone’s blessings, someone’s support, someone’s luck, etc. In the field of sports where each and every player is the rival or competitor of the other, Bernhard Langer, a German golfer gives the credit of his achievement to the late Spaniard golfer Seve Ballesteros. The golf news cannels flashed this interview where the great golfer from Germany confessed that the reason behind his two wins in the U.S. Masters and other countless tournaments was the putting tip given by Seve. 

 Seve gave him this tip prior to his Sunningdale tournament. He clearly says that the it might have been possible that without this golf tip given by Seve, it would not have been possible by the German golfer to win those tournaments and be recognized as the defender of his title of Senior British Open. That very talk and brief conversation with Seve, according to Langer became the vital reason of his consecutive successes.

 While Langer was practicing at the practice green, Seve came up to him and took the putter. After taking some of the putts, he handed over the putter to him. When the German golfer was handed over the putter, Seve commented on it and described it as terrible equipment. As soon as the player asked what was wrong with the tool, Seve said, “It’s too light and doesn’t have enough loft”. Immediately, Langer visited a near-by shop and bought a new putter based on his advice. With that very putter, he went on to complete his third that week, and then second and then he won his first European Tour event, which was held at the DUNLOP masters at Cheapstow located in Wales.

Langer confessed concluding the golf news interview pointing to the sky “I went third, second, then first. That was one of the greatest tips I ever got in the game of golf and from that point on my career went up like that”.

The PGA Tour recognized as one of the major golf tours in U.S.A has had a phenomenal growth globally with time. An organizer of the main men’s professional golf tours in U.S.A and North America, PGA Tour also includes its chief tour known by the same name. The Professional Golfers’ Association of America initially formed the organization. However, it took a turn in forming a distinct organization focusing on the tournament golfers than the club professionals.

PGA Tour operates a number of other tours inclusive of its principle tournament. In general, most of the tours are contested in U.S.A. The three main tours that are run by the organization are as follows-

PGA Tour (the chief tour) – Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.A part of Puerto Rico plays host to one event each year.

Champions Tour (golfers age 50 and over) – South Korea and Canada plays host to the regular tournaments with UK playing host to the seniors major(as of 2011)  

Nationwide Tour (developmental tour) – Mexico and Columbia plays host to one tournament each (as of 2011)

With golf enthusiasts equating the tour to become a millionaire, the growth of PGA Tour over the years has been remarkable. The connection of money with the tour is resultant of the prize money bagged by the players during each season of the tour. In 2010, Matt Kuchar topped the list with an earning of US $4,910,477. However, the prize money bagged by Tiger Woods in 2009 PGA Tour is sure to surprise you all; his earning totaled to US$10,508,163.

The game of golf owing to its popularity and mass appeal over time has stepped up as one of the richest sports in the world. Inflation can most certainly be targeted as a reason in the increase of the prize money.

All the golf lovers are well accustomed with the name of Tiger Woods. His tremendous performance has spell bounded all the golf lovers and has in scripted his name in golden letters in the history of golf playing. Now, the name itself works as a magic spell and whenever any news is flashed with his name becomes a sensational one.  Well, let’s recall some of those astounding and unforgettable media-stories about him.

Drive your memory back in late 2009, well the month of November. Yes, the breath-taking news of Tiger Woods’s car-accident was in air. It happened near his home in Orlando, Florida area during early morning hours. In reports it was mentioned that he collided his car with a tree and his wife Elin used a golf stick to break the glass windows of the car to get him out of that. This accident jeopardized his career. His fans were as disappointed as he was. 

Now, rewind your memory just to catch the news when he cheated upon his wife Elin Nordergren. This was one of the biggest news in the air just before few months. It was stated that he was cheating on his wife from many years with multiple mistresses as stated by one of the mistress.  Tiger Woods gave a public apology to his wife as well as fans and fellow golfers.

He withdrew himself from the PGA tour as well as competitive golf games for concentrating on his family.

Tiger Woods as an icon of golf playing always remained an inspiration for millions of golf players. His wrong deeds affected his career and social image but his remarkable contribution towards golf is unbeatable and unforgettable.

I personally think no human being exist on this earth who has not mistaken in his or her entire life. Tiger Woods is also a human being and getting mercy is his right. As fans we can only expect his return to golf playing with his earlier form and skills as soon as possible.