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Over the last few years golf is rapidly gaining popularity among the youth and the trendy. It is a competitive sport and a very popular and recreative. If you are interested in the game and feeling to join and enjoy the game then you should be aware of the latest happenings in golf. You should know the latest golf news and the game of almost each and every player, playing in the circuit. The news of the just held golfing tournaments and also the forthcoming events, related to the game. In the news you could also find some crucial golf tips. These tips could become very much helpful in your next local tournament and could earn you some brownie points. There is other related news, like of the best golfing equipment and also golfing apparel’s. All this could prove to be important during the course of the game.

Swing Speed

The person whose name is almost synonymous with the game of golf is Tiger woods’. He is really the unleashed tiger when standing with a club in his hand and watching the movements of his competitors. He observes every movement very keenly with a sharp eye and decides his next action in the game. He arrived in the golfing circuit with a series of constant wins including some PGA TOUR group of tournaments. The PGA is a combined group of tournaments, held in a series and along the course of the tournament various prizes are allocated to the winners. The person who completes winning all the series is clearly the final winner of the tournament. Tiger grabbed this honor within a few years of entering the game. He continued to excel in the game till he fell in some personal controversy.

Every golfer wants to play better than the way he plays his previous match. It is, undoubtedly, the determination and devotion of the players which make them perfect, but along with it, their position and pace also have a vital role to play. Not only do the fresh players need the golf tips to play better, but also the expert golfers are willing to get relevant tips on how to play the game better. To help the golfers, whether novice or experts, here are some effective golf tips to help them play better each time they enter the golf course:

Follow the Golf Tips & Be a Better Player

– The proper alignment of the clubface is one of the most important things to be considered by the players. The players follow their own rule of aligning the clubfaces, but the correct way of doing so is to assess your target from behind the ball, which will help you get an overall idea about the hole and also the direction where you desire your ball to go. In addition, when you make your actual stance, place the clubface behind the golf ball to align it to the exact target.

– Choose the right club. There are several factors which will determine the type of club to be chosen, but the most important of all is the approach that the player has to follow while making a shot.

– Changing the stance is not advisable.

– A good grip means a good shot.

– Follow the wind direction and then play. Avoid going against it. It will surely help make your shot a master stroke.

If you follow the above-mentioned golf tips, you are assured of playing better every time you take a club in your hand to make a perfect goal.

Golf is considered as one of the most sophisticated games of the world. A player standing on grassland with a club in his hand hits a ball targeting a whole in the ground. It is a game where the player doesn’t need to run or jostle anyway. The game seems to be an easy one, but to play this game properly one must acquire the tricks and skills perfectly. Since, it is not an effortless task to do, let me help you with some useful golf tips to sharpen your golf knowledge.

Golf Tips

For the beginners, who have immense desire to play golf but cannot fulfill his dreams due to non-availability of good golf coach or trainer, reading golf books can be beneficiary. The golf tips provided by those books will work as catalyst to enhance the growth of your golf skills. But the fact is each player has their own way of analyzing the game. So, to nurture yourself as a skilled golf player you need to find your right forte while on the field.

Let me suggest a few handy golf tips for you, such as:

Learn from your errors– Find the area where you are facing most of the problems. Work on it gradually. It will boost up your confidence.

Keep yourself fit- Regular exercise especially the muscular one will help you to enhance the ability of your body. Before you start playing, a little warm up will be useful. It will keep you steady.

Get the correct set-up- Proper alignment of your body to acquire the perfect posture which makes you comfortable while playing golf is really necessary. Your knees, forearms, feet and eyes should be in perfect co-ordination. Use mirror to practice.

Mental setup- Stay optimistic and relaxed while playing the game.

Proper outfit- Wear garments according to your comfort and neatly tie your hair.

The proper golf tips for success is: feel good, play better, and perform best.

The critics have exhausted the reservoir of superlatives to describe the performance of Rory Mcllory. Even the words “exemplary”, “extraordinary”, “stupendous” are not enough to paint Rory’s success into words. And it will take pages to tell about the achievement of this young golfer. But believe me; this golf player has amazing qualities and immense potential to fill the void made by the untimely departure of Tiger Woods.

Rory Mcllory

Rory has overshadowed the other participants in the US Open victory. Some are even comparing him with great Tiger Woods. But it is not high time to describe Rory as the next roaring Tiger. Woods has an enviable record of success in his kitty. Rory has a long way to go and only future can tell if he can be the next Tiger.

But comparison seems to be inevitable as Rory has come off victorious with record score. His performance recalls the way Woods dominated the golf court in 2006 US Open. The golf legend won by 15 shots at the picturesque Pebble Beach to earn his third major victory. Rory has posted an impressive performance on the same court with his record-breaking halfway tally of 131. The score is a reflection of what Rory can do with his club and on the green turf.

Rory is all set to dominate the game with his skill and charismatic appeal. An unexpected overpowering of attention, affection and adulation was observed in the gallery when the American golf lovers were chanting the name of Rory. Unbelievable it sounds, doesn’t it?

Time can only divulge whether Tiger has enough power to cast an enviable shadow of dominance over golf as he has used to do over a decade. Tiger is suffering from the knee and Achilles injuries. No doubt, he has been passing through a chain of several and severe problems. But now, it seems to be the onset of a new era.

Fredrick Jacobson

Fredrick Jacobson, a veteran Swedish golf player has claimed the first victory on the other side of the Atlantic. Jacobson is the proud eighth first-time winner and 25th different winner on PGA tour this year. Two weeks ago, Harrison Frazer made the breaking news and now it is the turn of Jacobson. These two golfers have 544 career starts between themselves.

Jacobson considers it a great deal. With this win, he has moved up to 18th in the FedFxCup standings. He is definitely overwhelmed with his performance and improved ranking. This win is more important for Jacobson as he promised his five year old daughter to bring the trophy home.

At the end of the last year, a show on all the golf winners of 2010 was aired on the TV. Jacobson’s daughter, Emmie, was also watching the show. As her father did not appear on the screen, she asked Jacobson, “Daddy, why don’t you have any trophy at home?”Jacobson could not impress her by saying that he had already won some prestigious titles. Most probably, the girl wanted more.

Since then the question has been haunting Jacobson. Finally he has proved himself true to his words. He has got one for his little angel. He has two other children. So, may be they will be more demanding now and Jacobson has to bring each of them a new trophy.