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Are you a beginner? Excited about golf and now want to try your hands as well? There is nothing to get nervous. A lot of golf tips are available for the beginners and newbie golfers; you can find many such valuable tips online. Alternatively you can contact a coach who can guide you on how to get started. If there is a friend who has been playing golf for many years now, you can also contact them.

Here are some tips on how to get started with golfing.

Tips on selecting golf clubs:

Don’t hurry; that’s the first tip. It is very difficult for you to decide on which golf club is good for which stroke. It will be good if you borrow golf clubs from a friend and once you are familiar with the game, you can buy one for yourself.

Tips on grips:

Grip of your rewarding arm is very important; it often determines how good the shot will be – whether it will be a straight one or you would end up with a slice or hook. There are some techniques to get the gripping corrected; you can read relevant books or consult a coach.

Tips on fixing alignment:

In the starting position your feet and hips should be parallel with the line of target. You can stick another shaft on the ground few steps behind you and check if the alignment is correct or not.

Tips of Slice and Hook correction:

A series of factors may lead to a slice shot or hook shot. You have to consult a coach or read some tutorials online to know how to get them corrected. These are all about getting deviated from the direction. Grip and how you take the shot determine how the ball will be delivered.

And finally it is all about practice; only practice makes a man perfect and same holds true for the golfers!

He is a golfer and that is his only identity! Wait, the equation is not that simple. Thousands of fans across the globe crave to know more about Tiger Woods – his personal life, his early career, his likings and preferences – everything is important to the fans. Let’s play a slice and get deviated from golf; let’s reveal some interesting and exciting facts about Tiger Woods!

1. Tiger met his wife Elin Nordegren in 2001 during the Open Championship
2. Tiger and Elin were never seen together in public until they got engaged in 2003
3. Tiger and Elin got married in 2004 in the Caribbean Island, Barbados
4. Tiger follows Buddhism
5. Tiger was seen in The Mike Douglas Show on TV when he was 2 years old and put against the comedian Bob Hope
6. Tiger is a Stanford alumni – he went to Stanford University for 2 years
7. In his first Masters dinner Tiger had served 9 cheeseburgers
8. “48 hours”, “Caddyshcak” are his favorite movies; he also loves James Bonds movies, especially the old ones
9. Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men and U2 are his favorite musicians
10. His idea of a perfect day: skiing, surfing, playing golf and fishing
11. Tiger took a nine-week break from the PGA Tour when his father and mentor died in 2006
12. His height is 6ft 1in
13. Tiger wrote a golf instruction book “How I Play Golf” – it was published in 2001 and was one of the best selling golf instruction books of the time
14. He went through a laser eye surgery in 1999
15. is his official website

PGA tour and the associates strive to offer up-to-minute fresh information to the spectators; whether you are present in the golf course or watching from home, you should get every bit of information about the game. Thousands of golf fans are there in the United States and in different parts of the world. And they look for information; to provide all the data and updates they need PGA and the associated organizations have started using technology now. Here are some latest improvements in this field.

Shot Tracking

Shot tracking helps to track every minute detail about the game; putting accuracy, longest drive, yards driven etc. can be tracked properly without any error. Using laser triangulation and global positioning system the shot tracker system provides information about all the players and all the tournaments. The user-friendly presentation makes the shot tracker system easy to follow for all. PGA Shot Tracker and Fanzone are the online places for golf lovers to get all the information they need.

Social Networks

PGA tour has started distributing the updates through social networking and microblogging website such as Facebook and Twitter of late. Interesting information about the tournament, exciting facts about the players, performance of the players and many such facts are now available on the official channels of PGA tour on Facebook and Twitter. With millions of golf fans using Facebook and Twitter it is easy to reach out to a wider audience through these platforms. PGA tour and the partners also offer email updates to the enthusiasts.

Video highlights of the tournaments are also available on YouTube. PGA tour uploads podcasts to their website too.

A strength training program is critically important for sports persons. Sturdy skeleton, well-shaped body structure and toned muscles are the physical attributes of an athletic golfer. A daily to-do routine of golfers should include a strength training program. It helps a golfer play the game well and free of pain.
To give a good drive to the ball in the direction to the hole requires golfers to be physically strong. The game becomes more pleasurable if it does not cause aches and twinges to the golf player. The physical condition of a golfer is a principal condition for good performance.

The strength training program exclusively for golfers consists of weight lifting exercises which tighten muscles and hardens bones. The program is designed deliberately to structure and strengthen the physical make-up of golfers. At times, the unfit body of a golfer becomes a chink in his armor. It pulls him back from playing with energy and enthusiasm.

The stronger is the body, the more flexible is the body movement. A strength training program is intended to condition the body. However, the program is not the same in level for every golfer. The weight-lifting exercises to be included in a strength training program depend on the stress-bearing capacity of a golfer’s body. The age and physical condition of golfers are the other determining factors to be considered when the program is designed for them.

Strength training program is also known as body conditioning program. It is a must for those wishing to make a cut with the golf lovers. It provides golfers with a well-balanced base to grip the fundamentals of good golf swing. Moreover, it gives them a highly competitive edge over the others.

As per the golf tips from the world’s eminent golfers, it is better to condition the body with a strength training program than to spring into action with a frail body. It helps build a balanced body free of frozen shoulders, golfer’s elbow and chronic back pain. Consulting a golf workout trainer for his advice regarding the strength training program is highly recommended. An expert trainer’s guidance helps avoid developing physical imbalances during the program.

Golfers often go wrong following a time-consuming, heavy workout routine to benefit in terms of physical strength and structure. A strength training program for golfers must not be stressful. It is a far cry from a mere weight-lifting regiment at a gym.

Functional training is a basic part of a strength training program. Following a session of functional training is important for golfers who are about to kick off strength training. It serves two purposes. Firstly, it strengthens muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues to help golfers meet the challenges of demanding performance in the field. Secondly, it helps stabilize muscles.

The initial phase of a strength training program accentuates on light weights and stability exercises. This phase runs over a span of 6 to 8 weeks during the off-season in the world of golf. The phase of developing physical strength and mental power is the next phase. This phase of a strength training program coincides with the onset of the competitive season.

The intensity of weight-lifting exercises increases during this phase and practicing more golf-specific body movements is accentuated in the strength training program. On completion of this phase, the end phase of the program follows.

Developing golf-specific power is the goal that the end phase of a strength training program targets. It helps increase the speed of golf swings. Increased muscular strength translates into more power, more speed and more accuracy. However, swing speed should not be confused with club head speed.

Simply a bench press to develop the mass of biceps cannot work on the mechanisms of the entire body.  The exercises that require the whole body to be toned need to be incorporated in the strength training program. What to keep in mind is that when the functional strength base of the body is being developed during the initial phase of the program, doing less golf-specific exercises is helpful.

According to several studies, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow is the most common injury that amateur golfers are prone to suffer from. Shoulder and wrist injuries are other common injuries caused to the first-time golfers. Following the strength training program in a series of the above-mentioned three phases is one of the golf tips for golfers.