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Indian golf is passing through a golden era. Many an Indian golfer has been showing outstanding performance in various golf tournaments around the world, thereby sharing the top-tier positions with the eminent golf players on the world ranking list. Jeev Milkha Singh, Arjun Atwal, Jyoti Randhawa, Shiv Kapur have become household names. Their achievements have inspired many a talented teenager to take golf as a profession. It will not be an exaggeration of the truth that in India, golf revolution has set in.

Indian Golfer

Jeev Milkha Singh is the first Indian golfer to have become a member of the prestigious European Tour. Jeev is the most popular Asian golfer in the international events. Apart from Jeev, the other golfers are also striving hard to register a good performance in the international circuit and make every Indian proud of their achievements.

As far as sports are concerned, India is well known for the game of cricket. India has won the Cricket World Cup two times (on 25th June, 1983 and 2nd April, 2011). No wonder, cricket invites much of the attention of the Indians. Other arenas of sports get little attention from the government as well as the concerned high officials. Such stepmother-like attitude has not augured well for the other sports and performance pokie machine online of Indian sportsmen in Olympic Games is a mirror to the above statement.

Indian Hockey is in a poor state and even not a shadow of its glorious past. However, it is good golf news that Indian golfers are consistently doing well in Asian golf tournaments, PGA tours, Prestigious British Open and many more international events. Though Indian government has done almost nothing for golf, still the fresh talents are exhibiting good show. This is certainly praiseworthy. Nowadays, golf is now played not only by the aristocrats but many from the mediocre families are also showing interest in this game. Lucrative cash prizes may be one of the reasons for this changed mindset. But this group needs private sponsorship as well as financial assistance from the government. If these two are ensured, the new generation of Indian Golfers will surely achieve more and more sooner or later.

It seems that the golfers of Florida have got a brunt of plundering the environmental balance. Florida has in the recent decades become home to an alarming number of alligators and American crocodiles. This has not only hampered the normal course of life of the millions residing in that country but has also disrupted the golfers from their practice schedule. In fact the golfers of Florida have faced fatal outcomes of their rendezvous with these ancient predators. Some have come back with severed arms or legs while others have not been fortunate enough to make the return journey. They have become a part of the golf news as far as the accidents of golfers are concerned.

Learning to Play Golf?

In fact the alligator have been natives of Florida for quite some time now. Spotting them at backyards and gardens has almost become a regular sight. While expe

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organization runs around 43 professional golf events from week-to-week. These tournaments are known as the PGA Tour, which include:

• The championship hosted at the TPC in Sawgrass, commonly called The Players Championship
• The FedEx Cup
• The biennial Presidents Cup.

Along with the professional tours, the PGA TOUR also operates the Champions Tour as well as the Nationwide Tour. The former is for the golfers of 50 years of age and above, whereas the latter is a complete developmental tournament. Besides the ibid mentioned tournaments, there are certain ones that are operated by other organizations, such as, the LPGA Tour for women which is U.S. based and many others.

Going through the history of the PGA Tour will let you come across the awards that are given to the deserving players as a token of encouragement for their best play. One among these reward include the PGA Players of the year Honor. It was in 1948 when this award was first bestowed. With its gradually increasing popularity, in the year 1990, this award was classified into two categories – one was given by the PGA of America, whereas the other one was awarded by the PGA TOUR itself. Whatever tournament is conducted, it is covered and broadcasted via media to make all the related information available to the golf lovers and the common people.


There are various types of golf clubs. The types of golf clubs are categorized as woods, irons, wedges, hybrid and putters. Playing with golf clubs of any of these five categories is one of the promising golf tips to kiss success. Here is a brief discussion on two of the categories:

Golf Club Types

Woods – Golf clubs with large heads spherical in shape and long shafts belong to this category. Woods are good for long-distance shots with maximum speed. Woods come with a flattened bottom. The sliding of the flattened bottom over the ground does not let the clubs dig in during the stroke. Originally, the clubhead of woods is made of wood. Modern woods come with clubheads made of steel, titanium or composite alloys. The higher-number woods for lady golfers are known as fairway woods. These golf clubs

have a shallower face h

eight, a higher loft and a flattened sole. Using these clubs for easy gliding even on the rough surface is one of the golf tips for ladies. The clubheads of woods have various volumes:

• 150-155 cc (Standard)
• 155-195 cc (Midsized)
• 195-250 cc (Oversized)

Irons – Golf clubs under this category are good at making shorter shots ranging within the distance of 200 yards from the green. Irons are 36-40 inch long. The solid heads of irons feature a flat clubface. Typical lofts for these golf clubs range between 16 degree and 60 degree. A most common traditional set of irons comprises 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 golf clubs alongside a pitching wedge. A higher number iron golf club comes with a higher loft and a shorter shaft. The irons from 1 to 4 are long golf clubs used for far distance shots. The irons from 5 to 7 are mid irons. The 8 and 9 irons are short golf clubs used for short distance shots. Golf clubs under the category of irons have two types of heads – Cast and Cavity Back. A forged steel iron golf club head is difficult to handle because of a smaller spot. Selecting an iron golf club set according to your strength and target goal is a tip from the list of golf tips.


This post is an introduction to Wedges, Hybrids and Putters.

Golf Tips

Wedges – High-lot irons used to strike balls at a high pitch in the air but from a short distance are known as wedges. These are good for striking balls in various lies: pitching, chipping, approach shots and bunker shots. Wedges are of four types which are:

• Pitching wedges
• Lob wedges
• Gap wedges
• Sand wedges

Pitching wedges are golf clubs with a loft ranging between 46 and 51 degrees. These wedges are extensively used to make strikes within a range of 130 yards. The loft of Lob wedges ranges from 60 degree to 64 degree. These golf clubs are suitable to make high and short distance hits. Gap wedge is also known as Dual wedge, Approach wedge, Utility wedge and Attack wedge. Using these types of wedges to make various bunker shots is among the golf tips for golfers. These different golf club types whose loft ranges between 50 degree and 58 degree come in between sand wedge, lob wedge and pitching wedge. With sand wedges, it is easy to strike the ball out of bunker and make sand shots. The loft of sand wedges is in between 55 and 57 degrees.

Hybrid golf clubs – Hybrid golf clubs are an interface between a wood and an iron. These combine the features and characteristics of the both. Hybrids are essentially designed for accurate strokes and distance control. The use of these golf clubs instead of irons is one of the helpful golf tips for women in particular. A hybrid club comes with a head larger than that of a typical iron and more compact than the head of a wood. Having a shorter shaft they are easy to control. The flat face of these golf clubs helps kick the ball with greater force and more spins. Hybrids lack the roundness or face bulge of fairway woods. A hybrid golf club set is a perfect set for beginners.

Putters – Pushing the ball with a putter from closer distance is among the golf tips. This golf club type is a good use for lady golfers. Having a short shaft and a low loft, putters come with various head shapes.