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Tiger Woods is a renowned name in the world of golf. He started playing golf at a very young age. If his career graph is minutely examined, you will come across the fact that he is among the top young golf achievers till date. This golf’s young master has not only shown his passion for the sport, but has also exhibited his interest in participating in youth projects. Along with this, Woods never remained behind when it came to supporting any charitable cause. It, however, proves that Tiger Woods is not only a superb golfer, but a wonderful human being as well.
The contribution of Tiger Woods in establishing various charitable and youth projects is remarkable. Some of the well-known projects that he has conducted are as follows:
• The Tiger Woods Foundation: His father and Woods himself established this foundation in the year 1996. This is the venture that completely concentrates on the children. Previously, it consisted of golf clinic for disadvantaged children and a grant program. However, gradually, several other activities, such as providing university scholarships, etc. were added within it to promote the growth of the individuals in every possible way.
• Golf Clinics and Festivals: Several golf clinic programs for juniors were held by the Woods Foundation since 1997. In 2003, the Foundation began a golf clinic program, namely ‘In the City’. The first three of them were held in India, California, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania and San Juan Puerto Rico. This program centered on the youths belonging to the age range of 7-17 along with their families.
• Tiger Woods Learning Center: In February 2006, at Anaheim, California, a settlement of about 35,000 square feet with learning facilities was opened with an outdoor area for golf teaching.
• Tiger Jam: It is a concert for fund raising that has contributed to the development of the Woods Foundation to a great extent.
• Chevron World Challenge: It’s an off-season altruistic golf tournament held annually.
• Tiger Woods Foundation National Junior Golf Team: It consists of 18 members and competes in the Junior World Golf Championships that is held annually.

Are you willing to learn golf? Well, it’s not easy to play the game like an accomplished golfer until you get the right club. For every golf beginner, the first most important do is to choose an appropriate golf club. A brand new golf club may not necessarily be a good one that you are looking for. Make sure to know how to pick up the right club and what to check in it. You can talk to your friends regarding this or go online to get ideas. There are different types of golf clubs that vary from beginners to masters. If you have made up your mind to buy a club, make sure to check which golf club type is suitable for you. Consult with your friends who are golf players or golf addicts. Get to know the suitability of each golf club type from them. Remember, it’s only the right golf club that can help you improve your performance.

Well, you must be restless to know what puts Tiger Woods on the winning side in every match. It’s not only his precise shots and swing techniques that have made him popular but the very club with which he delivers his strokes. Well, if you are new to the game, choosing the proper club can be a bit difficult. So, here are some tips that can help you select the right club.

Make sure you choose your club with the right lie and the right shaft flex. The flexible portion of the shaft of your club is known as the bend or flex. Novices can do better if they choose clubs with flexibility. With this type of club, they can initially go for the harder strokes and gradually acquire rhythm. Once they are through with it, they can try some swings.

A basic golf set comprises putters, irons, wedges and drivers and of course a golf club. The right club makes it easier for beginners to learn the lessons and that too in almost no time. One of the initial things to consider while choosing a golf set is one’s ability level. Low handicaps, mid handicaps and high handicaps are the three ability levels. If you are among those low-handicap golfers, you will score usually less than ten strokes over par. High-handicap golfers generally fall under the section of beginners and they usually shoot over 100. The mid-handicaps on the other hand must stick to the 3 and 9-irons.

Nowadays, golf is not only a passion for the blue blood but very much a profession for ordinary men too. The game is perceived as a promising career for the budding golfers. So, no wonder the flock of upcoming golf talents will try hard to learn the techniques to excel in their performance. As a golf enthusiast and ambitious golfer, you can subscribe to a good golf magazine to learn about the latest events and get valuable golf tips from the ace golfers.

Golf Magazine

There are some popular golf magazines including Golf Digest, Golf Week and Golf for Women. You can go for a mail subscription or read the online golf magazines. According to the scale of popularity, Golf Digest should be mentioned first. Subscription for one year will not cost you much and that for two year will cost you less. As the name suggests, this magazine serves enough information to digest. Most of the information includes current golf news, upcoming golf tournaments, achievements of the eminent golf players and last but not the least, golf techniques to slap the ball right.

Another great golf magazine is Golf Week. Be prepared to pay more if you are buying it form a book store. However, expect to get a good discount rate if you subscribe to the magazine. Golf Week does not provide tips and tricks to the golf lovers and players, instead focuses on golf news. Golf for Women – the name speaks all for it. It is undeniable that only a few women golfers dominate the golf events and their achievements do not get closer to those of the top-tier men golf players. So, this magazine is focused on the issues specific to the women golfers. The magazine covers best golf clubs for women, profiles of accomplished women golfers, golf products for women etc.

You may go through the free-of-cost online golf magazines if you prefer e-journals to printed ones. If you do not wish to earn name and fame as a renowned golfer but are very much head over heels with this great game, then read the online Bad Golf Monthly magazine. If you are more interested in industry golf news, then Cybergolf is the best pick whereas to know more about the European golf scene, devour Golf Today bit by bit.

Sarasota, Florida invites the tourists from every corner of the globe. Pristine beauty, swanky shopping malls, balmy beaches are some irresistible attractions  for the tourists. Adding to the fame and beauty of this place is the prevailing pleasant golf environment. Sarasota offers various golfing opportunities that will surely raise your enjoyment quotient on the excitement meter. So, once you are done with basking in sunlight and buying souvenirs, make sure to attend the exciting golf events.


The place has a very amiable golf community that will make you feel at home instantly. Golf is a passion for the inhabitants in Sarasota. Golf is not only a very popular sport for them but a part and parcel of their entertainment culture. The place receives thousands of footfalls but it is neither overcrowded nor suffocating . So, there is no chance to be elbowed by the other golf aficionados. Moreover, you can get to come across a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces who share the common interest – love for golf. Among them may be your friends. it is a nice opportunity to pal up with the unknown ones and get the latest exciting golf news.

The place offers an extensive range of golf courses from affordable ones to award-wining golf courses. The wider range of selection goes a long way from a 9 hole course to 27 hole course. Sarasota – a small area – has an amazing number of golf courses (30). So, you can always find out the suitable course specific to your needs. Other options like private, semi private, public courses, men only are too on offer in Sarasota.

The place has a very soothing climate. This factor along with great number of golf courses has made Sarasota an ideal destination for the golf enthusiasts. 9 out of 20 golf courses – voted as the top southwest golf courses by the subscribers to FL Golf News – are located in Sarasota. Sarasota’s golf courses are not only famous for the quality they offer. This place has a rich treasure of interesting history too. It was Golf champion Bobby Jones who inaugurated the Bobby Jones Golf Complex on Circus Blvd in the year of 1927. He also participated in the first round and scored 73. It is a historic golf club and so a must-see destination for every visitor.

If you have deep love for golf and you want to master it, a golf magazine can indeed be a perfect option. Well, it can certainly act as a good source for refreshment especially during your recesses at office. In fact, a golf magazine can provide you ample information on varied golfing techniques and skills. You can also get to know golfing tips and advises given by experts like Tiger Woods, Jeev Milkha Singh, Jyoti Randhawa etc. Moreover, you can also keep updates on the latest golf news and events.

Golf Magazines

Golf magazines can certainly make great gifts for friends. You can also bring them for your dad or your brother provided they admire this very sport. If they do so, they will also love to learn the golfing techniques adopted by professionals and they can even try a few at their nearby golf course.

A golf magazine can also be an ideal birthday present. Those who have been trying to master the golfing techniques for a long time can take help of these magazines and learn all. The advantage of magazines is that you can keep them for long and can have a look at the pages whenever you wish. It’s surprising but true that doctors love to read magazines. So, you can take this opportunity and present one to your family doctor. This will give you the opportunity to thank him for the care he shows for your family.

A golf enthusiast loves to read about the personal experiences of professional golfers. These golf magazines can be called a perfect storehouse in preserving loads of information on golf. Even those who are involved in this profession can take help of these magazines and know all the secrets that can improve their performance in field.

In fact, you can browse sites and order golf magazines online. Buying them from the local shops can be a bit expensive. So, a wiser option is to purchase them through internet. Before you order, you must read the inside content and accordingly proceed. The Tiger Woods Golf Magazines are one of the most preferred ones.