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If you are keen to master the game of golf, you not only need to concentrate hard and achieve rhythm, the rules and regulations of this game should also be kept in mind. The rules of golf have been set according to international standards. The gaming rules were jointly laid down by The Royal and Ancient Club of St Andrews and the United States Golf Association. In fact, it has been declared that those found to disobey the rules will be charged penalties. Well, instances have taken place where several golf players have been subjected to match fee exemptions.

For amateur golfers, the rules and regulations are quite stringent. Those who have already received payments or got compensations for giving instruction to beginners or rather those who played for money are not considered amateurs. Those who are amateur golfers receive payments in complying with the strict guidelines laid by the R&A. Sometimes, the novices also get non-cash prizes within certain restrictions initiated by the Rules of Amateur Status.

Apart from the officially printed golf rules, the golfers are required to comply with a separate set of guidelines known as golf etiquette. This takes into consideration the matters related to safety, fair play, pace of play as well as the obligation of a player to take care of the course. Although there are no exemptions for violating the etiquette rules, most players try to obey the golf etiquette with the aim to better their performance in field.

There are several situations where penalties are incurred. In case, the ball gets extra swings or it is struck when not asked to do so, penalties might be charged. So, if you are one of the beginners getting ready to step into the field, know the rules first and proceed accordingly. If you wish, you can check the sites for the PGA TOUR rules and regulations.

Some think that golf is a slow-paced game. They labor under the notion that golf is enjoyed only by the elite class. They are the hardcore believers that golf is played just to have some recreation. A golfer hits the ball and walks in lackadaisical way to collect the ball. Some middle-aged players have their bellies sticking out. It has helped the common men to think that physical fitness is not at all required in this game and socializing with the others is the only objective for the golfers. But their views are far from reality and so they must discard this wrong notion.

Golf is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. The game is equally enjoyed by both the men and women golfers. So, there is no gender bias and women too can have their equal share of fun and excitement. However, the professional golfers play the game for name, fame and fund. Winning a prestigious golf tournament means earning an astronomical figure. This may be the fact to lure many of generation Y to convert their passion for golf into a lucrative profession.

The American Council on Exercise has successfully driven the nail home that golf is a sport for fitness. It is not that the golfers need to be in the perfect shape like the baseball players or footballers. The game of golf does not require them to be in the peak of cardiovascular shape. Still, the golfers need to be in the fine physical fettle to play the best shots on the green turf. Following a daily fitness regime is the one of the best golf tips for the golfers to stay in a shapely silhouette but also improves their performance. Physical fitness has a greater impact on the mental strength and confidence, thereby bettering the swing and movements of the golfers.

Finding time for some additional practice is a really difficult task. So, my golf tips would ask you to make the most of the available time. By following a disciplined practice schedule, you will improve your game in the long run. You can even make arrangements for practicing golf at your home. If that is not possible, then make a shadow practice of the swing, whenever you feel like. It will not only improve your swing but will also improve your grip before making the stretch.

Set yourself a goal regarding the practice hours. Remember, a professional golfer never compromises with his practice schedule. If you want to become a professional golfer and play at the highest level, just practice hard! There are no shortcuts or alternatives for a hard day’s practice. Be specific with your practice at the same time. Rather than simply hitting the balls, try to identify the areas that needs improvement. If you want to improve your slice then work on it at a stretch for at least seven days.

Most importantly, enjoy your practice sessions. If you get easily bored or perceive the practice sessions as a burden, making an improvement in your game will become impossible. On the other hand, proper practice sessions with an element of fun will prove extremely productive. And the results will start to show within a very short period of time. My golf tips will tell you to focus on your game with a right strategy during the practice time. You would also do well by maintaining small notes of your progress on the scorecard.

There are plenty of sports in the world and each has different playing styles. In most of the games, concentration and skill play the key factors that help a player to defeat his opponent. One such game is the game of golf. Playing golf is great fun. You simply need a club and a ball to play this exciting game. However, you can’t win by merely hitting the ball with a club. You have to instead take the stroke in such a way so that it perfectly makes way to the hole. Now, if you are eager to know the rules of playing golf, the following paragraphs will certainly help you.

A typical golf course consists of eighteen holes. The player is instructed to play his shots according to the order of holes presented by the course layout. The golf course that consists of nine holes usually takes a circular shape. Now, the player places the ball on the tee and strikes it with his club targeting the hole.
If the hole stands a bit far, the player need to elevate the ball slightly above the ground and place it on the tee before he goes on to take the shot. A slight elevation of the ball is helpful if one is aiming a distant hole. However, this elevation factor entirely depends on the golfer’s discretion.

The initial shot that you take for a long-distance hole is known as ‘drive’. Remember, if you are going for shorter holes, you need to take shorter clubs, known as irons. As soon as the ball comes to rest, the golfer strikes it again and again till he succeeds to put the ball into the hole. For the next shot, the player can either walk or take golf carts to reach his specified spot. You can either play golf in groups or individually.
If you wish, you can get some online golf tips and then try some strokes at any of your nearby golf courses.

The popularity of Tiger Woods in the world of Golf has made millions wondered as what makes this man win almost every tournament he plays. Be it his incredible swing technique or his accurate shot at holes, Woods deserves to be called the master of Golf. Few argue that it’s his physical fitness that makes him get going. However, it’s true that Tiger spends a good time on workouts. Strenuous exercises have toughened his muscles from where he has acquired immense stamina to hit shots hard to the hole.

Tiger Woods

What’s most amazing is the pinpoint accuracy with which Woods deliver his shots. Anyone can hit hard strokes but the brilliance lies in the accuracy that actually gets the ball right into the hole. Tiger Woods is the master in this respect as he makes good use of his strength to drive the ball at a stretch of about 300 yards and even succeeds to get it closer to the hole. This rather helps him to play the second shot comfortably.

Tiger is known for his consistency. He is the one who possesses the ability to deliver perfect strokes month after month and year after year. Some consider it a miracle while some call it the sheer skill and concentration of Tiger Woods. In fact, the way Woods chips the ball and makes it land on the ground in close proximity to the hole is simply astonishing.

The striking aspect that makes Woods stand out in this profession is his swing technique. His diverse experiments with his club and his unpredictable swings often make his spectators awe-struck. The rhythm and concentration with which he delivers each stroke unquestionably deserves a big round of applause.

Woods has advised the beginners to play the game with patience. Every golfer must relax before he heads to play the stroke. He accentuates on the saying, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ According to him, the more one practices, the more chances he gain to master the game. In fact, novices can form an idea of Woods’ witty swing techniques and learn them by watching some of his earlier videos online.