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The etymological dictionary also provides us with evidence regarding the origination of golf. “Golf” has come from the word “glove” or “goff”. These two words originated from “kolf”, a Dutch word. “Kolf” means club in Dutch. By the 14th century, the Dutch used sticks to hit the ball hard. These sticks were curved at the bottom. “Hitting with a curved stick” – sounds similar to playing hockey. Really amazing golf news, is not it?

Here comes the question – how was this Dutch game introduced in Scotland during the mediaeval period. These two countries were the trading partners. So, both of them imbibed the other’s cultures. So, the Scott businessmen learnt about the game and added some innovative twist to it. The Scott started playing the game on parkland whereas the Dutch continue to play golf on ice. The most amazing part of this history is that the Scott traded the ball from Holland to play golf. Passion can make men go a long way!

The Romans also used sticks to slap the ball. This game influenced the British and they fell in love with it. So, golf did not grow in a particular country/region contrary to the popular belief. The modern golf game has originated from different games played in different pockets of Europe. But then nobody should dare to deny that the contribution of the Scott towards the development of this great game.

The Scott tried to modernize the game in every possible way. They dug holes on the ground and the players were asked to send the ball into the holes using the least number of strokes. So, the Scott deserves heat-felt thanks from every golf lover for to introduce the modern version of the game played with a little variation nowadays.

Golf training devices of different types are available in the market. Devices for the training of would-be golfers range from clubs to jackets. If clubs are necessary for swings or sweeps, jackets help hold the arms in the right position at the time of swing. Here is how a golfer can start looking for good golf training devices.

There are a number of swings. Practice each and identify the most suitable one. Be sure of which you are comfortable with and buy golf training devices accordingly. It will save you time and effort. You may end up buying training devices of average quality. Seeking professional help to choose proper training aids is a good idea. Take lessons from a PGA expert on choosing golf training devices that would better fit your swing.

Look for simple golf training devices. If the devices are hard to use or look complicated, they may not probably benefit you. Training devices that are simple and easy to use are the best ones. A heavy driver is a better purchase, if you aim at increasing your swing speed. Using a heavy club for swing is good for muscles. It also helps improve the swing style.

Seek feedback on golf training aids from your friends before buying a set. If you see a golf professional or golf expert using the training devices that you intend to buy, ask them how the devices are working. Golf trainers can better guide you in choosing the right set of training aids.

Make sure to purchase guaranteed golf training devices. A set of training aids with money-back guarantee is a good purchase. If the devices do not work properly, you can exchange the set for a new one or get the money back.

What is the most exciting golf news? It is must be about its birth. Where did golf originate in? I do know that most of you will name Scotland. You are right and wrong too! How is it possible? Well, let me tell it to you.
There is no denying the fact that Golf, as it is played nowadays, originated in Scotland. The Scotts used to follow the very basic rules while playing the golf – grip the clubs, swing it, club the ball. The aim was to move the ball from starting point to finishing hole with the least possible strokes.
This game was banned by a Scott king, namely James II. He put embargo on playing golf and soccer as these sports are believed (of course, by him) to distract the minds of his archers. The archers were found playing golf more and taking less interest in practicing archery. Later the ban was lifted but then reissued by James III and James IV in 1471 and 1491 respectively.
In spite of ban and the stiffest restrictions, golf continued to develop in Scotland and game rules continued to evolve. The first known rule of golf was written in Edinburgh in the year of 1744. Golf in its modern version will not be very much different from what was played in Scotland. But it is not a strong point to prove that golf was invented by the Scottish. There are some evidences to bear out the fact that the Scott golfers were very much influenced by the earlier version of the game which was not an invention of the Scott men.
The USGA museum suggests that golf played by the Scott was an evolved format of stick-and-ball game. The Scottish people believe that the stick-and-ball game was widely played throughout the British Isles during the Middle Ages but history has other story to tell. This game was actually played in France, Germany and the other Low Countries before it made an entry into the British shore.

Golf is a game. Golf is a sport. Golf is this. Golf it that. Have you ever thought of golf as an exercise? Many of you would say ‘No’. Would-be young golfers visit gyms and do workout to get the physical stamina of an active golfer. There are heavy workout and simple physical exercises to get their body outline shaped and muscles toned.

Many overweight people take up cricket, football, basketball and other games as weight-reducing exercises. These sports really help shed off the excess body flab and reduce weight. Golf is no different from these sports in this respect. Walking around the golf course with the club in one hand is a kind of fitness exercise. It helps burn countless calories.
Golf exercise offers the benefits of workout for muscles too. 3.5 miles is the average length of a golf course. Making a round around the golf course may be hurting for your feet. It is really a strenuous do at the first go. When it will become a habit, you can easily make two or three rounds a day.

Walking around the golf course is good for cardio health and muscles as well. The backswing requires you to use the shoulder, forearm, chest, stomach, buttocks and hips. The downswing puts stress on your abs, thighs and upper back. It also helps tone the lower leg muscles. You will get to know more physical benefits of playing golf from books providing golf tips.
Besides, the golf course is a ground for not only fitness but also fun. A visit to the golf course with family or friends can be fun. It is a part of lifestyle for some people.

Who does not want to be a second Tiger Woods? If you are an aspiring golfer, you might feel restless to know how to kick off your golf career and how to become a consummate golfer. You can follow the career track of Tiger Woods and the history of his achievements. That will certainly inspire you to go ahead but may not show you the path to your dream destination.

No reason to feel discouraged. There are many ways to learn the game of golf. You must not feel inhibited to ask a friend or acquaintance who is a golf expert or a golfer to teach you the game. Having a friend to give you lessons on golf would save money. If you can teach yourself the game without your friend’s direct assistance, you can borrow the necessary equipment like golf club from him.

If you can afford, you can go for a personal tutor. Some golfers run a kind of golf club or golf school out of their passion for teaching golf to golf aspirants. You can join such a golf club or school if it is located in your city and accessible from the place you live at. If there is a golf expert in your locality and if he offers golf training individually, he can hire him as a private tutor.

With more and more people doing blogging, golfers too are not far from this online activity. Many seasoned golfers love to share their experiences on the golf course with golf enthusiasts online. That is why they have started blogging to reach with their real-life knowledge of the game to multitudes of would-be young golfers. Going through such golf blogs is a great and independent way learning the theoretical basics of the game.