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You cannot hit a ball with a correct alignment until you are at an appropriate position. Here are some golf tips that you can follow to improve your stance and position while playing golf.
• Most of the golfers suffer from the problem of hitting the ball thin. This is generally due to keeping their shoulder under the chin. Make sure not to position yourself that way. This will surely help you not to hit the ball thin.
• Having a good weight shift in golf is one of the necessary golf tips. You must see to it after each swing whether the weight is on your left or the right foot. For a proper and balanced position, the maximum weight should be on the left one and the rest should reside on the right foot.
• If you want to hit lower shot, the ball should be in the back of the stance, whereas if you intend towards hitting a higher shot, place the ball forward.
• Employment of big muscles of the legs and trunk is a must when it comes to achieving a powerful swing. So don’t just use your arms and wrist, but the whole body for a strong shot.
• Next among the golf tips is to wiggle your toes, which will ensure that you are not shifting too much weight on the forward region of your foot.
• Missing shots is a result of swaying, loss of balance and stopped turning. To avoid such issues, with your feet, hit the ball six inches apart and start hitting shorter swings. This will improve your balance, thereby enhancing your capability to make your shot an ideal one.
• Be flexible and take proper turns, including shoulder turns while hitting the balls.
• The left arm and side are weaker than the right one. Thus, it is advisable to the players to use both the sides,
• Properly aligning the club face is also one of the essential golf tips if you desire to get a powerful swing.

Have you ever watched Tiger Woods performing at the golfing grounds? Well, if you have, you must have been bemused with wonder as to what makes this man hit shots with pinpoint accuracy. According to facts, Tiger kicked off his career at the age of two and today he is considered to be one of the greatest golfers of the world. Well, this hadn’t been possible if he had not concentrated and practiced hard on the varied golfing techniques. So, here are some golf tips for all golf enthusiasts that can help them learn as how to master this witty game.

Golf Tips

First, you need to learn how to grip the golf club. In fact, you can do a good deal of experimenting with your grips that can actually better your swinging consistency. This will certainly help you go for a few strokes. Keep working on this repeatedly till your fingers achieve a rhythm and you gain confidence.

Secondly, keep an attempt to hit shots harder. This will help you strengthen your muscles. In fact, if you are willing to achieve proficiency in Golf, you have to be strong. Those having weak muscle power might not succeed. Moreover, the more you start hitting hard, the higher are your chances to attain flexibility. Instead of hitting balls after balls, you can fix targets in order to improve your focus and therefore gain concentration. Try not to hit more than three times in a row. Remember, patience is a big thing for golfers that can ultimately help them get the ball right into the hole.

The third and the most important tip is to slow down the pace and not to look up. Instead, you need to focus on the ball. After hitting it, you have to watch the ground and at the same time notice the ball while it gradually lands down on the ground. Keep in mind, an appropriate golfing club will surely help you a lot. Regarding club selection, if you are having problem, you can always talk to one of the golf professionals. Apart from helping you select the right club, they will fetch you a good number of secrets to become a successful golfer.

The announcement of ECCO, a famous Danish shoemaker to partner with the Canadian Rockies Golf-and-Resort lifestyle destination (CRG) was really surprising golf news for everyone. To ensure proper promotion of the sports of golf, the partnership was considered as an important decision. With the help of this, the consumers residing all over the world were given a chance to win an expense-paid luxury golf vacation for six days for two by getting registered to the website www, Thus, if you are waiting for a vacation with your beloved, go and register with the site mentioned above.
As per this golf news, not only does this promotional trip offers accommodations in the places like The Fairmont Banff Springs, The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and Delta Lodge at Kanakskis, but this package also features two round trip airline tickets, car at rent, credits for meals and various other necessary facilities. In addition to these, the customers will also get a chance to enjoy a round of golf at Canmore Golf & Curling Club, Silvertip Resort, Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club.

C.B. Tuite, the General Sales Manager at ECCO USA Golf Division said that the company ran a similar promotional campaign in the year 2009, which marked the success of the business with superb response of the retailers and customers. The national retailers who are to participate in this campaign of golf promotion include ECCO stores, Golfsmith,, Golf Galaxy and other selected Dillard’s locations. According to the golf news flashes, the contest will be conducted at the PGA Tour Superstore, Golf Headquarters, Worldwide Golf (Van’s Golf, Golfer’s Warehouse, Roger Dunn, Golfmart, etc.) and several other significant golf specialty stores across the globe.

ECCO is a brand that is always ready to promote the golf specialties, which is proved by seeing its willingness to support the cause as it has been observed in case of the PGA of America Golf Retirement Plus Program where it supports the organization as an efficient partner.

There is a particular uniform or dress code for every person belonging to academic and professional fields. A school-going child looks best in the school uniform. Doctors, lawyers, cops, judges and sportspersons have their own uniforms. The uniform of a professional is his identity. Likewise, golfers look presentable in a proper golf uniform.

Dressing in appropriate golf clothes and maintaining the golf dress code on the golf course is in keeping with the golf game etiquette. Most golf clubs have a dress code of their own. Maintaining the dress code shows respect for the game and persons associated with it. The history of golf apparel fashion, if penned down, will make a voluminous book.

Professional golfers realize the value of being properly dressed when they are on the green. Golf has left the tag of being a gentlemen’s game. Since it has become a sports avenue for women too, many companies sprang up with brand new golf apparel and accessory lines for female golf players. Now there are hundreds of brands in golf apparels and shoes. The necessity of understanding the value of golf uniforms is one of the golf tips for the upcoming generation of golfers.

Golf mock tees in the fitting polo style and with half sleeves, quarter sleeves or long sleeves for girls are very much popular. Golf apparels come in an array of colors like red, yellow and pink. Though gym or denim shorts are not allowed, women golfers can wear skirts.

Golf fashion carries off the bell in its niche. Golf fashion styles are diverse and variable. Golf jackets, trousers and colorful T-Shirts are much in vogue and all the rage with young golf enthusiasts. The world’s renowned golfers are fashion and style icons for youngsters interested in this game. The lovers of this game dress in golf special apparels when they appear on golf courses to witness the performance of their favorite golfers.

Recent researches in sports psychology have revealed the importance of nervous energy in a game like golf. I know you must be wondering how nervousness can be of any good? Agreed it is a negative form of energy, but if we make a serious effort, we can even convert it in our favor. This golf news has certainly taken the sports world by surprise.

Golf being more of a mental game, the aspect of nervous energy comes into play very often. Nervousness is a mind state, which can be utilized in your favor for playing golf freely. Human beings are bound to become nervous. There is nothing abnormal with the state of nervousness. It is similar to any other human emotions like disappointment, happiness, and anxiety. But yet you might tend to believe that you are the only person in the world with that dreaded feeling. As a result of it, you get more nervous and your game suffers badly. When your mind is preoccupied with a negative emotion, it will never allow you to play freely.

We must understand that nervousness is a form of energy, and energy can be transformed from the state of negativity to a positive one. This is where the golf news proves its point. It stresses on the importance of perceiving it as a powerful energy source, in order to play your golf with passion and power. For instance, at the time of your nervousness, think of those people who are surely praying for you to succeed. This will give you positive energy, and your weakness will become your strength.