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Numerous sporting events and tours take place throughout the year at various corners of the globe. However, the game of Golf conducts twenty professional golf tours in a year. Most of the tours are run by PGA and some are conducted by independent tour organizations. They take the responsibility to arrange events, find sponsors and manage the tour with perfection. There are special members who are entitled to take part in the majority of events. However, non-members also participate and compete with the professionals. Well, it’s not easy to earn membership for the elite tours. In fact, professional golfers find it tougher to make it to these special events.

PGA Tour is the most popular of all. It hosts four Majors as well as four World Golf Championships. The prize money for the PGA Tour winner is US$800,000 which counts highest among the other golf tours. On the other hand, the PGA European Tour allures ample professional golfers from the outskirts of North America. The PGA European Tour holds the second position after the PGA Tour. Plenty of North American golfers are found to participate in several tournaments throughout the year in order to regain membership for both the PGA and the European Tour as well.

The Japan Golf Tour, the Asian Tour, the PGA Tour of Australasia and the Sunshine Tour are the chief men’s tours. The PGA, Japan, Sunshine, Australasian and European Tours are the charter members of the world’s main tours. In 1996, the International Federation of PGA Tours came into existence, while The Asian Tour earned membership in 1999. Recently in 2009, the One Asia Tour has been founded on the joint collaboration of Japan, Australasia, China and the Korean tours.

Tiger Woods Design or TWD is the company founded by Woods with an aim of creating unique golf courses across the globe. His passion for the sports has not only compelled him to shape up his career as a master golfer, but has also let him take the responsibility of providing other golfers a chance to practice the game and polish themselves as one of the precious gems of the golf world. The company right now has completed three projects successfully and others are under construction. However, Woods clarified that he is satisfied with handling limited projects at a time. Through the establishment of this company, Woods has tried his best to utilize his experience to the utmost extent, thereby proving his love for golf and respect for the golfers throughout the world.
The three golf courses that have been designed by the company of Tiger Woods are as follows:
• The Tiger Woods Dubai: This is the very first golf course and golf resort in the world that has been designed by Woods. It is situated at the largest tourism and leisure complex of Dubai, named Dubailand. This project is a joint venture between the company of Woods and Tatweer, which is a member company of Dubai Holding.
• The Cliffs at High Carolina: Designed for the first time in the United States is this golf course. This constitutes the eighth course at the Cliffs, which sits at approximately about 4,000 feet in the Blue Ridge Mountain of Swannanoa in North Carolina.
• Punta Brava: The construction of this golf course began in the early 2009 and completed successfully in 2010. This Tiger Woods golf course is situated at Ensenada in Mexico. This is the first golf course that has been designed on the oceanfront. As far as the property of this course is concerned, it consists of 80 residences, around 40 estate sites and private hotel comprising 20 villas each with a private pool.

The professional golfers undoubtedly earn through the endorsements with which they are associated, but such earning is not as significant as the prize money they win on their PGA Tour. The names of the top five players who have won maximum money during these tours are as follows:
Tiger Woods: He is a professional golfer from America. Career achievement of the player, if you observe minutely, you will come to know that he is one of the most successful personalities in the world of golf. The victories of this master golfer on the PGA Tour can be summarized as:
o 14 wins at Major Championships
o 16 wins during World Golf Championships
o 3 wins at FedEx Cup
o 38 wins at other PGA Tours
Vijay Singh: He is a Fijian professional golfer known as “The Big Fijian” in the golf world. For 32 weeks in the years 2004 and 2005, he remained on the number one position as far as the Official World Golf Ranking is concerned.
o 3 wins at Major Championships
o 1 win during World Golf Championships
o 2 wins at FedEx Cup Events
o 28 wins at other PGA Tours

Philip Alfred Mickelson: Mickelson is another golfer from America who is nicknamed as “Lefty” because of his left handed swings.
o 4 wins at Major Championships
o 1 win during World Golf Championships
o 2 wins at FedEx Cup Events
o 32 wins at other PGA Tours

James Michael Furyk: Being an American professional golfer with unique unconventional and looping swings, Furyk consistently holds the top level position in the golf arena.
o 1 wins at Major Championships
o 1 wins at FedEx Cup Events
o 14 wins at other PGA Tours

Theodore Earnest “Ernie” Els: Erinie is a professional golfer from South Africa, who has occupied the top position since 1990s. He is commonly known as “The Big Easy” among the co-players and competitors because of his superb physical stature. The summary of his PGA Tour wins includes:
o 3 wins at Major Championships
o 2 win during World Golf Championships
o 13 wins at other PGA Tours

A diet routine is different for different people. The diet for a school-going child may not be suitable for an athlete. The diet for a young man may not benefit middle-aged people. A diet chart should include foods depending on the age, health, activity and bodily requirements of a person. Likewise, there is a particular diet routine for a golfer.
An active golfer spends long hours on the course. The diet chart for a golfer should be planned in such a way as to help keep him on the go during the course of golfing activity. A golfer should start his day with taking a low glycaemic meal. A low glycaemic meal that is easily digested consists of lentils, legumes, dairy foods, apples, nuts, pasta, dried beans, etc. If you lack an appetite for a meal in the morning, replace it with a glass of milkshake. It is a good source of sustained energy that keeps the mental and physical low feeling away.
Eat something at an interval of 2 hours to keep yourself high on the energy quotient during the golf activity on the course. Therefore, it is good to carry some nuts or raisins in the golf bag.
How many glasses of water a day should a golfer drink? Minimum eight glasses of water a day. It is a known fact that water energizes the body and washes out the toxins from different parts of the body. A golfer should say no to consuming alcohol and caffeine as these can badly affect the physical health and fitness.
Much caffeine intake increases the heart rate and that is not good for an athlete or a sports person. Alcoholic consumption can disturb the mechanism and functioning of the body.
It is better to quench your thirst with sports drinks. Sports drinks containing carbohydrates, fluids and electrolytes are better than plain water.