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Balanced diet is as important as physical exercise for a golfer. Not only exercise but also healthy eating is responsible for physical fitness. A competitive golfer must have healthy and fit body. Workout benefits the body only when the body gets proper nutritional nourishment. Having mental and physical endurance is a must for golfers.

What does a balanced diet for golfers consist of? Anyone can be a golfer at any age. It is a game for people of all age-groups. Therefore, the components of a balanced diet vary with the age of golfers. The list of golf tips includes both a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.
A balanced diet consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the required and right proportions. According to expert dieticians, 50% of the total caloric intake comes from carbohydrates like breads, whole grains, rice, pastas and low-fat dairy products.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body during physical activities. It fuels the function of the brain, keeps the nervous system active, helps burn fat and preserves protein. Consuming carbohydrates helps maintain the level of blood glucose during an activity, thereby supplying the body with the requisite amount of energy.

Protein is a most important component of a balanced diet. A diet chart including protein-rich foods is good for all in general and golfers in particular. Golfers must take in lean protein from such sources as fish, chicken, legumes and beans. Protein is a need for the growth of muscles.
A diet without fat is not a balanced diet. Next to carbohydrates, fat is another most important source of energy for the body. Fat intake is recommended for athletes and healthy people alike.

Golfers need a lot of muscular strength that comes from physical exercise fuelled by dietary sources of energy.