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Gripping a golf club is an art which decides the type of hit for a stroke. It is the way you hold the club that determines whether your shot will be a master stroke. The golfers, due to the availability of so many gripping techniques are confused about which one to practice. As a result, sometimes, they mistakenly choose a technique that is not of their type. Many grip variations are there which the golfers must be aware of in order to select a right variation for themselves to hit the ball to the hole. Some of the golf tips that can help you choose a correct grip variation for yourself are as follows:

Golf Tips

• Interlocking grip: This is the type of grip variation which is meant for the ones who have comparatively smaller hands and fingers. With the help of this technique, the players get a chance to wrap their fingers and palm around the handle of the golf club, thereby ensuring to hit the ball to the right direction.

• Overlapping grip: If the length of your hands and fingers is normal or larger, this is the type of variation that will surely be suitable for you.
Keeping the above-mentioned grip variations into consideration can help a golf player make his shot an ideal one. But before that, it is necessary for them to know the styles of applying these grips in a proper way. The golf tips on the different ways of handling the club that can make these golf club grip variations effective to the utmost extent are mentioned below:

• The Weak Position with no knuckles of the left hand.
• The Neutral Position with one knuckle of the left hand.
• The Strong Position with two-third knuckles of the left hand.

It is advisable to the golfers to play with different positions and then see which one best suits them. Experimenting with all the styles will let you come across the shifts that you need to make either to the strong or weak stand. Thus, to make your hit a perfect one, you can go through the golf tips thoroughly and practice the positions and styles in a sequential manner to find out the grip variation that can provide you the perfect alignment for an ideal shot.

The secret behind succeeding in any arena lies in the strong passion, diligent persistence and rigorous practice of the same. Like hard labor has no substitute, success also has no short cuts. The pleasant sport of golf is no exception. It has been time and again attested even by the veterans of the game. For beginners, like in any other game or art, there are certain tips that the amateur individual being introduced to golf needs to know. Likewise there are also a set golf tips; that one nursing the dream to be a golfer of repute requires to pay close attention to.

Golf Tips

The golf tips help the newcomer to gradually move towards mastering the game. These tips enable the amateur player to understand the basics before mastering the master strokes. This is required because if an amateur attempts to play expert level golf without knowing the basics it is more likely that the individual end up having a very discouraging and disheartening session. This may even create an aversion in the interested player making him abandon the game altogether. To avoid all this unpleasantness the best solution is to follow the golf tips religiously and pursue the game in the correct and synchronized manner.

The knowledge of the right order of the golf tips is also equally important. The order is as follows:

The individual needs to know the game etiquettes to begin with. Every game has its own code of decorum. Following it is not only mandatory for the individual but also forms a part of his responsibility.

• The individual must be aware of the right and authentic swing in order to master the game. The mastering of the same will come with practice.
• The grip, or the art of holding the golf club, is the next thing that the individual needs to master.
• The individual needs to know the address position that is the correct position for strike.
Then comes the back swing
• Next he needs to know the down swing next.
• The club and ball positions also form an integral position of the same.
• Knowing the short game also forms a part of the elementary education of the game.
• One also needs to be aware of the difficult lies, or the tricky situations on the golf course.

Golf in itself is a very fascinating game. Even more fascinating are its techniques and the golf tips that are integral to both the amateurs and the veterans. In fact the path to mastering golf is through the golf tips. Knowing them is not sufficient enough. A religious practice of these tips with proper application of the same is also equally mandatory. In fact the authenticity of the articles used in the process also plays a very integral role. Therefore a golf aspirant must pay adequate attention and meticulous care while selecting the club and other objects of use.

Golf tips

The golf tips are like a table of instructions for the amateurs to follow in order to emerge as skilled professionals. Discipline, patience, determination, stamina and concentration are some of the qualities that define every game. In fact the games enhance these abilities even further in an individual. Golf is no exception. The golf tips follow a certain order. The order goes like the following:

> Golf Etiquettes
> Authentic Swings
> Grip of the Club
> Address Position
> Back Swing
> Down Swing
> Club and Ball Position
> Short Game
> Difficult Lies
> Golf Rules

In fact there are certain things that the golfer aspiring to make it must keep in mind. Apart from the conventional golf tips the golfer also requires to possess proper knowledge and understanding of the golf club. This club refers to the bat with which the aspirant strikes. The basic club set usually includes clubs varying from 3 to 9 irons. These clubs are namely the three woods, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter. With the passage of time when one gains better expertise one may or may not add more clubs. However the golfer must remember that a standard golf bag carries 14 clubs at max at one go. Hence the golfer must be well aware of the level of golf he plays in order to include the type of club in his bag.

Balanced diet is as important as physical exercise for a golfer. Not only exercise but also healthy eating is responsible for physical fitness. A competitive golfer must have healthy and fit body. Workout benefits the body only when the body gets proper nutritional nourishment. Having mental and physical endurance is a must for golfers.

What does a balanced diet for golfers consist of? Anyone can be a golfer at any age. It is a game for people of all age-groups. Therefore, the components of a balanced diet vary with the age of golfers. The list of golf tips includes both a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.
A balanced diet consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the required and right proportions. According to expert dieticians, 50% of the total caloric intake comes from carbohydrates like breads, whole grains, rice, pastas and low-fat dairy products.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body during physical activities. It fuels the function of the brain, keeps the nervous system active, helps burn fat and preserves protein. Consuming carbohydrates helps maintain the level of blood glucose during an activity, thereby supplying the body with the requisite amount of energy.

Protein is a most important component of a balanced diet. A diet chart including protein-rich foods is good for all in general and golfers in particular. Golfers must take in lean protein from such sources as fish, chicken, legumes and beans. Protein is a need for the growth of muscles.
A diet without fat is not a balanced diet. Next to carbohydrates, fat is another most important source of energy for the body. Fat intake is recommended for athletes and healthy people alike.

Golfers need a lot of muscular strength that comes from physical exercise fuelled by dietary sources of energy.