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Are you an inspiring and budding golfer? Here are some simple golf tips that will help you to get your basics right and make a great career out of this extremely stylish game. If you want to strike the golf ball to a great distance with a solid striking stance, you have to work hard on the club head speed for that. The amount of the swinging of the golf club is not the only factor that adds to the speed. These simple golf tips will help you become a better golfer for sure.

Proper grip is the main mantra of proper golf swing. There should be coordination between the two hands and both the hands should work in unison with each other. The positioning of the fingers should be proper. Second, comes holding the golf club. Though you need to have a firm grip, you should never hold the club very tightly. The hold should be firm yet light. If you grip the club too tightly, it might affect your club head speed considerably.

Extension of arms is another very important thing that you must keep in mind – a rather important golf tip. When the golf club is about to hit the ball, extend your arms completely so that the impact on hitting the ball is maximum and the ball reaches maximum distance. Last but not the least; your hip movement will decide the swing of the golf club. The hips should move properly while the down swing. These simple golf tips help you to perfect your shots.

Knowing the basics of golf swing is good for golf aspirants. The way a golfer makes swing impacts the way he gives shot to the golf ball. Without having the knowhow of making golf swing, it is difficult to give a good account in the game of golf. It is not beyond the list of golf tips that seasoned golfers recommend to a newcomer in the world of golf.

Golf Swing

The golf swing comprises two sweeps or circles merged together. One of the sweeps is horizontal sweep. The twist of the body helps golfers make this sweep to hit the ball. Another sweep is called vertical sweep. Golfers make this sweep by lifting the club with both arms over their right shoulder. Golf swing or sweep is in fact the force that drives golfers to hit the ball hard. Future golfers should keep the basics of these important forces, mentioned above, at their fingertips in order that they can give good shots.

To begin with, golf players should realize that these two swing forces have a great bearing on their performance. The strength or power that is transferred to the golf club from the body of a golfer emanates from the pivot centered between the shoulders of the golfer. The pivot should remain constant and at a distance from the golf ball when the golfer is about to make a shot.

The vertical circle or sweep is a special consideration as it is troublesome to inexperienced golf players. Making the vertical sweep requires a good deal of force and physical strength on part of the golfer. Therefore, golfers need to be physically fit and strong. A golfer needs to raise the club up over his head and then, bring the club down with a great force. He should be careful to avoid slapping the ground and that requires him to draw in his hands.
There are some fundamental principles of golf which a golfer should keep in mind before positioning himself to deliver a solid shot to the ball. The right position helps golfers yield in the force required to hit the ball hard.

Have you ever seen your swing in slow motion? Have you ever tried to judge your swing technique? Have you ever asked the other golf lovers what they feel about your swing? I little hope that you have done so. Even if you have tried to judge your technique, you have failed to provide impartial judgment. It is just like saying to the mirror ‘who is the best golfer in the world’? The ace golfers feel that the perfect swing is what is felt easy by the golfer and considered effortless to the observer. In order to get closer to perfection, you must put in incessant effort and take golf tips from a golf trainer.

Swing is the most crucial factor to register an impeccable and impressive performance. But unfortunately, many of the budding golfers lack in this quality. We all like to post a flawless performance like the pros but then the faulty swings prevent us from achieving what we aspire for. No wonder that our poor swings get translated into poor scores. The golf driver may be a great choice to correct the golf swing. Dual-hinged technology is incorporated in the design of these drivers to help the golfers to identify and rectify the swing errors. The driver helps the golfers a lot in the following areas:

Takeaway: The driver will break apart if jerked back very quickly. So, slow and low are what to follow during takeaway.

Tight Grip:
You will build up the muscle tension if grip the drive very tight. Tension restricts the easy and effortless body movements and prevents your body from swinging freely. If you squeeze the driver tightly, there is a great chance that you will end with breaking it.

Too Hard:
Golfers often labor under misconception that hard hitting is synonymous with excellent golfing. But when you try to hit the ball hard, your forearms and shoulders stiffen, thereby building tension and ruining the tempo earned during backswing. The inevitable result is ugly shot! But with the driver, there is no chance of hard hitting as tightened grip will break it into pieces.

Downswing: Many amateur golfers release the club sooner during downswing. This lessens the power in swing. This fault can be effectively corrected with the help of the driver.

Reading books is a good habit that benefits many from different perspectives. Books are a great source of knowledge on everything from educational disciplines to sports. Some say, practical knowledge is of great help in sports as these are field activities. There is no denying to their view on the importance of field experience. But theoretical knowledge from books on sports like golf is not to be sniffed at. Would-be golf players can benefit from reading of books on golf.

There are a number of golf instruction books penned by the eminent golfers from around the globe. Buying one or two golf instruction books is a good investment, if the benefits are considered. Books written by golf lovers who research on this outdoor game are also available in the market. Learning leads to experience. If this saying is true, the benefits of reading golf books are beyond question.

Golf instruction books illustrate how to play the game, how to hold the club, how to select a good club, how to hit the ball, how to take stand in the field, how to make swing, how to stay physically fit and strong, etc. A good book on golf provides a great number of golf tips, tricks and techniques along with pictures to make it easy to read and easy to grasp. The golf tips focused on in such books are of a great account as their source is the leading golfers’ real-life experience of the game.

Books and Magazines Providing Useful Golf Tips

Golf tips are accompanied by practical lessons from renowned golfers in golf instruction books. Golf books familiarize the readers with the rules of the game knowing which is critical for the first-time golfers. It is similarly important to know the rules of different golf game types like “Stroke Play” and “Match Play”.

In the present digital or web era, golf e-books are a rage with the readers including golf enthusiasts and golf aspirants. Google’s online e-book store is a must visit to look for resourceful books on golf. Print golf books or magazines are recommended for those who are on the move for long hours a day and those who spend little time online.