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Creativity depends on imagination, perfection on practice, knowledge on learning and experience on work. Likewise, performance in the field depends on fitness, mental and physical. Some opine how a golfer performs in the game of golf depends on how he has mastered the golf playing tricks and techniques. Many opine out of their real-life experience that physical fitness is the best technique for a golfer’s performance improvement.

Physical fitness of a golfer is synonymous with golf fitness. The two areas of fitness to focus on are flexibility and stability. Besides making efforts to master the tricks and techniques of playing golf, golfers should work on their physical strength and muscular flexibility. It is among the golf tips suggested by golf pros for the next generation of golfers. Fitness and flexibility of muscles reduces injury risks to the body during the hours of the game.

According to the experienced golfers, muscles are the powerhouse of the body. They support and strengthen a golfer when he makes shots and swings. Proper conditioning of the muscles makes a big difference in the way golfers perform in the field. In brief, muscular strength and endurance is a must for good performance.

Would-be golfers and budding golfers need to incorporate muscle-strengthening exercises into their fitness regimen. Stretching and strengthening exercises tone the abdominal muscles and the muscles of back as well as hips. Tight and inflexible muscles are of no help particularly in the game of golf. Pro golfers make large swings with a wide range of motion because of good muscular flexibility in their shoulders, hips and torso.

Weight bearing exercise and cardiovascular workout are very important for upcoming golfers. Activities making a person sweat and feel short of breath are good for the heart or cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular workout lowers the body cholesterol level and raises the rate of metabolism.

Weight bearing exercises are good for the bone health. These exercises two or three days a week add to the muscle mass, support the skeleton and help the body develop a perfect balance that golfers require to make impressive shots. Moreover, weight bearing is part of a golf exercise regimen. Aspiring golfers would benefit from these exercise-related golf tips.